Case Study | Apache | Oil & Gas

Apache needed a way to use real-time data to help increase efficiency, drive and improve performance, significantly lower well costs, and to be able to make better data-driven strategic decisions in real-time.

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Case Study | Boiler Manufacturer

Mesa’s System Integration team was hired by a boiler manufacturing facility located in middle Tennessee to engineer a new boiler test station solution for the company. The project scope required the system to retrieve test parameters from a remote SAP PI system located in Ohio.

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Case Study | OEM

FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX allows our OEM partners to be even more flexible in creating HMI solutions that are tailored to the needs of their customers. Therefore, you can design user interfaces that are even more user-friendly. Companies in the food, beverage, CPG and pharmaceutical industries demand HMIs be easily customizable and easy-to-use.

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Case Study | Angi | Transportation

The goal was to allow for better control and monitoring for the company’s processes, which included designing and controlling the compression systems; managing gas; and controlling the production of the Condensed Natural Gas (CNG) dispensers.

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Case Study | Zenchenko IK | Food & Bev

They needed to create an automated system to collect data from across the entire dairy, including the milk supply, flash pasteurizer, tank farm, and CIP- station (cleaning) sections from four independent PLCs.

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Case Study | Renifer | Building Automation

In 2011, RENIFER was commissioned by the Brazilian government to develop a prison monitoring system. It would take longer for current legacy software products to be enhanced in order to fully leverage the new technologies than it would a modern product already built on today’s current technologies.

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