FrameworX™ Pricing is Flexible and Affordable

The FrameworX Platform includes a very complete and comprehensive set of core functionality.
Our product family allows you to choose and pay for only what you need.

FrameworX Platform FrameworX FactoryStudio Edge HMI Edge Gateway
FrameworX Platform
Price Range
$9,200 to $11,500
$864 to $7,800
$480 to $1,800
$240 to $1,270
Annual Subscription
Starting at $6,440
Any Client - .NET Smart Client, Web, HTML5, iOS
Dashboard Display Builder
I/O Points
Any Standard Driver
OPC UA Client / Server
SQL Database
SQL, NoSQL, Historian Connections
100s of Symbols
MQTT Client / Broker
SQL Data Hub
Report Designer
Dashboard Designer
C#, VB.NET, Python
HTML5 and Javascript
Alarms and Alerts
Plugins and Components
SMS & Alarm Notification
SDK Extensions/ Toolkits
Device Redundancy
Server Redundancy
Modular Deployment
Audit Trail
Integrate External Controls
Store and Forward
*Unlimited is Unlimited in that category
*A  means Included Functionality

*And an means Not Available or Not Applicable
*Optional mean Available as an Option

Redundancy is available at a 50% increase rate for FrameworX Unlimited and FactoryStudio

Flexible Licensing Options

Subscription or Perpetual Licensing

With flexible options for licensing, you can easily budget and deploy industrial solutions that best meet your needs.

Perpetual Licensing

Tatsoft’s perpetual model is our traditional method of licensing and offers a one-time product list price at purchase. Purchasing a annual Support & Maintenance Agreement at 20% of the software price is recommended to protect customers’ investment and increase their software’s sustainability. Perpetual licensing is available through all channels.

Enterprise Licensing Options

For organizations with more complex requirements, 10 or more sites, Enterprise Licensing can provide additional value, including unlimited access and advanced support options. Enterprise licensing the ultimate flexibility to maintain licensing and is scalable, standardized, and easy to manage. To learn if enterprise licensing is right for you, contact us to speak with an enterprise licensing specialist.

Subscription Licensing

Tatsoft’s Subscription Licensing for FrameworX, offers an alternative and flexible way to license our software solutions and is offered on select products only. Tatsoft subscribers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pay a more affordable annual subscription that includes Premium Support and Maintenance. Licensing can be scaled up or down as needed to meet changing requirements.
  • Optimized cost-to-value and predictable budgeting for an easier purchase approval process.
  • Access to regular updates to ensure you receive the latest and greatest software releases.
  • Includes Premium Support and Maintenance Program, which includes premium technical support access, and license recovery in the event of machine failure or destruction.

OEM, Brand Label, and White Label Licensing Options

We specialize in partnering with OEMs and have flexible licensing options to meet the needs of your specific market. These agreements vary from reseller agreements to White Label agreements to custom Product and Brand Label Agreements. To learn more about OEM licensing options, contact us to speak with an OEM partner specialist.

Drivers and Protocols Included

You only Pay for Communication or I/O. See the full list of included drivers and protocols here.

Distinction between Tag and Communication Point

  • Tags in FactoryStudio are any process variable in your project. Calculated values, temporary tags for graphical animation and user interface, data to and from SQL databases, analytics data model, and values for report data aggregation. Tags in FactoryStudio are not restricted by licensing, only by built-in software protections for the execution environment. 
  • A Communication Point or I/O is specifically a Tag that is mapped to read, or write, to a PLC register or external I/O. Essentially communication point is the quantity of data you are mapping from your communication protocols.

Add-ons and Plug-ins for specific applications and industries

Communication protocol drivers – Energy

Developed with Tatsoft partner, protocols for Electrical Utilities:

  • DNP3 Master up to 10 channels: 
  • DNP3 Master 11+ channels: 
  • DNP3 Slave
  • IEC-61850 space Master and Slave
  • IEC-870-5-101 space Master and Slave
  • IEC-870-5-104 space Master and Slave

Contact us for pricing.

Communication protocol drivers – Oil & Gas

Developed with Tatsoft partner, protocols and extensions for Oil & Gas:

  • WiTS0 (Active and Passive)
  • WITSML interface
  • WITS Suite (WITS0 + WITSML)

Contact us for pricing.

FrameworX Interface to OSIsoft PI, PI AF,  and PI Event Frames

Direct high-speed FactoryStudio connection to OSIsoft. Learn more.

  • FX to PI interface, up to 5000 tags
  • FX to PI interface, unlimited

**FX to PI interface requires PSA (PI Server Access) license from OSIsoft.

Contact us for pricing.

Other Extensions and Project Templates

Remote Asset Monitoring

  • Application template to monitor geographically distributed assets, includes 32 hours of customization services: US$ 18,000

 Tundra interface for GE Historian

  • Integrates with GE Historian using high-speed SDK level connection

Contact us for pricing.

Creating Extensions

System integrators, OEMs, and End User Engineering Departments can create their own extensions to the FrameworX Platform with our built-in functionality or one of our developer toolkits. We are currently designing a showcase gallery and web page where partners can promote their own extensions.

Extensions Developer Tools:

  • Driver Toolkit: Create new Communication Protocol drivers.
  • Data Access API: Develop external applications and modules connected directly to the FrameworX real-time database. 
  • WPF and HTML5 controls: Add custom controls directly to the navigation bar of FactoryStudio graphical designer.
  • Plug-ins and components: Use FrameworX and FactoryStudio to create project plug-ins, with open configuration or protecting your Intellectual Property. 

FrameworX and FactoryStudio Technical Support

All FactoryStudio users, and registered System Integrators, have free access to the FactoryStudio knowledge base and community forum questions, hosted at

When buying a new perpetual license, if a Support Plan is included in the order, then the Maintenance and Support will be extended to 18 months. Otherwise the new license has 3 months of Standard Technical Support.

Premium Support includes priority email replies ([email protected]), web-meeting and phone support at (713) 535-9060, CST business hours. After-hours support is available 24x7x365 and is on request and will be quoted based on requirements. 

When buying a new Subscription licenses, the subscription license includes the Premium Support Plan.

Tatsoft can also provide Custom Customer Care programs, which can extend the Premium Support to include active remote monitoring of the FactoryStudio servers, system health checks, application specific support, and 24×7 urgent care.

Standard Support and Maintenance

Access Knowledge Base and Forum questions.

Email support with Helpdesk ticket system access.

Updates and upgrades. Upgrades with no maintenance plan are charged 60% of the license price.

Access to Plug-ins in our cloud server: Project components and templates are regularly added to Tatsoft’s cloud server, hence users with maintenance active can upload those components to use in their applications.

Premium Support and Maintenance

Access Knowledge Base and Forum questions.

Priority Email support with Helpdesk ticket system access.

Updates and upgrades of software license with no additional cost. Upgrades with no maintenance plan are licensed 60% of the license price.

Access to Plug-ins in our cloud server: Project components and templates are regularly added to Tatsoft’s cloud server, hence users with maintenance active can upload those components to use in their applications.

Training. 20% discount on training courses.

Priority Support by phone and web-meeting. Upon request by email, product support is included with no restriction of the number of incidences, according to availability of support team.

Application Development or .NET consulting, available rate of US$ 195/hr (regularly US$ 250) with one hour minimum