Client Technologies

One Graphic Designer - Limitless Possibilities

Create UIs that Fit your Application

One Designer with all the tools you need to create graphic applications. Choose the display type you want to create either WPF, HTML5, or iOS. Or choose the Dashboard Builder to get the best of configurable and the power of Open Architecture.

  • Develop Rich WPF, HTML5, iOS, or Dashboard
  • One Graphic Designer with Many Options
  • Choose the scripting language based on the display type
  • C# and VB.Net  for WPF Clients and iOS
  • JavaScript for HTML5 Displays

“I selected FactoryStudio from Tatsoft for the project, because of the modern technologies at its core, and my desire to get away from using old legacy products like InTouch or WinCC. I wanted to work with a really new product. KSA trusted in me to choose the right sofware to serve the purpose, and FactoryStudio greatly satisfied our needs.” 

- Zenchenko IK

Create and Deploy Clients
Purpose–Built for You

Deploy graphic applications based on the deployment needs. Choose the display type you want to create either WPF, HTML5, or iOS. Or choose the Dashboard Builder to get the best of configurable and the power of Open Architecture.

  • Rich WPF Graphics deployed as:
  • Rich Clients
  • Click Once or Web Deployed
  • HTML5 for Mobile or Browser Based
  • Dashboards – WPF or HTML5
  • iOS for iPad or iPhone

Graphic Designer to build Dynamic Visuals

A complete set of tools for creating rich interactive displays for analyzing your real-time and historical data. We include a full set of symbols and components so you can build process graphics, charts, trends and KPI dashboards quickly. IF you need to build or add your own symbol, we make it easy to give you limitless possibilities. Dynamic Symbols are powerful ways to decrease your development time with runtime template binding and central management.

– Rich vector drawing tool or use symbols and components or import .NET or HTML5 controls
– Comes with a Dashboard designer to simplify creation of powerful data visualizations
– Code behind and expressions provide flexible customization on animations and client-side events

Visualize, Get Notified, or Full Supervisory Control on your Mobile Device

Use the same complete Graphic Designer to build your  HTML5 applications for any mobile device or specific deploy to iOS. Interact remotely, view KPI Dashboards and more. See and respond to alarm notifications by utilizing the flexibility of FS designer to create advanced mobile alarming applications. FS you can create pure web HTML5 or native iOS applications to run natively inside any major web browser..

Responsive Dashboard Builder

*New with 9.1

Powerful and easy to use Dashboard Builder as a display type comes with FrameworX and FactoryStudio 9.1.

  • Responsive layouts resize based on device
  • Easily drag & drop panels to display Grids, Trend Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Gauges, and more!
  • Add any Symbol Library object – whether built-in or create your own
  • Create dashboards in WPF and HTML5 from the same
  • Supports our new Project Themes for quick styling!

Flexible Multi-Platform, Multi-Touch, Check Box Support for Multi-Monitor

Graphic Applications with Flexible UI and options, runs in many environments giving you the flexibility you need to choose an industrial HMI, Multi-Monitor Control room, touchscreens. We support any version of Windows, including CE, as well as Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Apple iOS. From edge to large format displays.

Mobile Native iOS SCADA HMI

High-performance iOS clients can be provided from the same project server. A native iOS app, no installation, you just need the standard application downloaded from the Apple Store – Tatsoft SCADA HMI Client.