FrameworX™ Unlimited And FactoryStudio™

Software Platform For Real-Time Operations And More

Complete, Unlimited, Scalable

  • FrameworX is our Unlimited version, unlimited Clients, I/O and development, server based with all the tools you need
  • FactoryStudio is scalable, by the number of I/O & clients
  • Edge HMI scale by I/O, more affordable
  • Edge/Gateway embedded device communications and processing at the edge or as flexible secure gateway

For even more flexibility, we also offer our FrameworX Unlimited licensing as perpetual plus maintenance or software as a subscription (SaaS). See our pricing here.

frameworx factorystudio scada hmi

Whether it is FrameworX Unlimited or FactoryStudio, you can rest assured connectivity was top of mind. It is part of our industrial DNA.

Connect – Aggregate/Transform Visualize - Analyze (Data Is Key)

Built with Industrial DNA

  • Real-time connectivity with native drivers to PLCs, OPC, MQTT
  • Read and write to any device, SQL database, Process Historian or IT system
  • Open and Layered to fit and connect to your current Plant Floor systems

FrameworX is built from Industrial DNA as an Industrial Data Integrator or Datahub, with inherent connectivity to real-time devices, SQL and IIoT,  bridging your data gaps. Your applications can access this data allowing you to create event-driven, actionable solutions for decision making now.

Combine OT and IT Standards

Flexible and secure, use and connect OT to IT, in a standard way with SQL, .NET, C#, VB.NET, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, OPC UA, MQTT.

Scaled Small to Unlimited

Affordable licensing, buy small I/O or choose FrameworX Unlimited and get unlimited Clients, Tags, I/O, and Development.

Complete Solution

Includes native PLC drivers, SQL database tools, alarms and events, visualization, .NET scripting, trends, model, and any clients.

Complete Set Of Rapid Application Development Tools

FrameworX is an open and flexible real-time application platform with unmatched extensibility that includes all the unified modules for one affordable price. FrameworX’s modular architecture lets you create in one environment and deploy what you need, to where you need it. Server functionality on iOS.

Dashboard Builder

Build Dashboards easily in our designer, HTML5 or WPF. Add panels with controls (Grids, Trends Charts, Pie Chart, Bar Charts, Gauges, etc.) or any Symbol or Custom Symbol.

Create The Solution You Need

  • Easily create rich user interfaces for thin, web or mobile clients
  • Flexible Scripting and Data Binding to build real-time applications
  • Fast, Secure and Robust designed in to the FrameworX Platform
  • FactoryStudio: Scalable by I/O and Clients, simple to advanced SCADA / HMI, IIoT Edge and Gateway and built on Tatsoft’s FrameworX

FrameworX includes everything you need to develop industrial applications for your industry, no need to buy additional modules FrameworX and FactoryStudio – it comes with symbols and components, plc drivers, OPC UA, MQTT as well as a Built-In SQL database and more. Security, Alarms and Alerts, C#, VB.NET, Python, Audit Trail Anything, Tools for Diagnostics.

Anything Real-Time Industrial

FactoryStudio has been deployed in many industries, as everything from custom-designed applications to MES, SCADA, HMIs, and more.

Secure & Redundant

Designed to deliver mission-critical applications, Security at the core level.

Flexible Architecture Design

Designed to be Open and Flexible to fit your architecture needs and to scale from one to many.

“One of the main reasons we decided to work with Tatsoft is they have decades of experience in developing software products and understand the need to have a flexible, reliable platform on which to build applications that will last a long time”.

- Renifer Systems

FrameworX Integrated Elements

FrameworX integrated elements that enable the secure and efficient deployment of industrial applications such as: SCADA, HMI, IIoT, MES and others based on your needs. The built-in FactoryStudio® functionality includes

Real-Time Tags

Tags, Assets and Templates are the core components of the real-time data. FrameworX has a built-in real-time, event-driven, in-memory database, that manages the tags, assets and events in the application.

Databases and SQL

The Dataset Module provides an easy-to-use interface to any external Database or Process Historian (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, PI, etc), XML, CSV, or text files with access to SQL queries, tables and SPs. Native SQLite is included with FX installation.

Trend and SQL Historian

Log real-time to internal SQL or external databases, like SQL Server, MS Azure, or Oracle, or the built-in SQL. Advanced trend and visualization and annotation features. Combine Historian curves with any SQL database queries. 

Scripts and .NET

You can create powerful C#, VB.NET, Python, and JavaScript code. The 100% .NET managed code makes us "intrinsically safe". Intellisense enables direct access objects, including Tags, Alarms, Databases and more. 

Devices and Drivers

We include 60+ PLC and other protocols drivers to directly access data from PLCs, Remote IO, bar-codes, RFID and more. We have built-in OPC UA, Modbus and MQTT Client/Broker. And we have a toolkit for any driver.

Graphics Designer

Our Graphics Editor allows for easy creation of rich user interfaces with dynamic animations Resolution independence, isolation from the code, extensibility, and deployment to desktop, thin clients, web and mobile clients. Reusable Smart Symbols and Components.

Diagnostics and More

Tools to show status of running modules, log errors, get warnings and user defined messages, access runtime values and properties, enter simulated values, run in Test protect mode. Accelerate development, assist on startup, isolate, and diagnose.

Reporting and Data Access

Create dynamic reports with our Built-in Report Editor. Use Dynamic Symbols in Reports, save as Text, CSV, XPS, PDF. We also support Web-Services, XML and other data-exchange interfaces to provide data for external reporting tools

Alarms and Notification

Multiple alarm levels for each tag when logging, acknowledgement, displaying, etc. is pre-packaged to simplify the configuration. You can send notifications by email, SMS or voice. The Alarm Module with the Security Tools can provide what’s needed to create FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant applications.

Built-In SQL

Includes a full-featured embedded, encrypted SQL engine. Used as local historian with store/forward to any data source, process historians or SQL databases. Store runtime settings or data in tables for reports or display with our built-in DataGrid. Or integrate to any external .NET components.

Security and Redundancy

Dynamically change the project configuration, without stopping the runtime execution. Enable redundancy deployment with a simple check-box configuration. Automatically log project configuration changes, and manage project and product versions seamlessly.

Dashboard Builder

Design responsive dashboards easily with drag and drop panels to display Grids, Trend Charts, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Gauges, or any Symbol/Custom Symbol. Create your dashboards for both .NET and HTML5 clients from the same engineering environment.

Edge And Gateway On Any Device

FrameworX Edge and IIoT Gateway are Open and can run on many hardware platforms to fit your application

  • Any Windows, Linux, and Raspberry PI
  • Run on Panel PCs with HMI and Edge
  • Customized for most OEM devices

Other FrameworX Functionality

Smart Tag Editing

Integrate to Excel

Built-In Version Control

.NET Classes and Namespaces


OSISoft Support

Diagnostics and Commisioning

Vector Graphics

Dream Report Driver

Multiple Monitors



OEM Branding


Wonderware Import

SQL Query Builder

HTML5 and JavaScript


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