The Unlimited Unlimited

The Complete Software Framework Designed To Fit Your Budget

Scalable, Flexible, And Complete

One complete package with everything included. You can do so much with one server and our Unlimited Licensing. Continue to build applications as you need without the barriers of additional license cost.

  • Expand to multiple areas of the plant with no additional cost
  • Scalable Enterprise Pricing available as you expand
  • Unlimited and Complete means all functionality is included

Unlimited Choices

Unlimited or Scalable, you choose:

  • FrameworX – Unlimited Perpetual Server Licensing OR
  • Annual Subscription FrameworX Unlimited Server License OR
  • Buy FactoryStudio , complete and sized by # of Clients and # of I/O

Unlimited Clients + Unlimited Developers

Unlimited license includes Unlimited Clients, any type of Client, Rich Desktop, Web Deployed Thin Client, HTML5, and iOS. Unlimited Developers so you can allocate engineers and designers to work on projects together; developing and testing at the same time, from anywhere.

  • Unlimited quantities of any client type
  • Client applications designed in one designer
  • Multi Engineering, built-in versioning and audit trail

Unlimited Connections + Unlimited Tags

Unlimited Connections Open and Secure supporting SQL, OPC UA, MQTT and over 60 PLC and device drivers included. Unlimited Tags and I/O points, no license limits so you can use as many I/O and tags as needed.

  • Open unlimited connections to SQL, Historians and Cloud
  • Unlimited connections to PLCs, DCS, Sensors and more
  • Unlimited OPC UA, Unlimited MQTT  ideal for IIoT

Unlimited Performance With .NET

Deploy to Desktop, Web, Mobile, or Edge Device

The .NET to the core difference. FrameworX was designed to be intrinsically safe with fast, real-time performance as key.

  • Fast, Stable, Secure by Design, 100% managed code
  • Create Function Libraries and Full .NET classes or namespaces
  • Multi-platform – Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Unlimited OPC UA, and MQTT ideal for IIoT

Hardware is Not Unlimited

Our Unlimited Software should have the right hardware to run on. FrameworX is designed to optimize the hardware in use and can also be distributed for the ultimate in-system architecture flexibility.

  • I/O Server components can be distributed to optimize performance or high availability
  • We support embedded devices with or without HMI
  • Redundant Servers with auto-failover

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