Secure to the Core : Designed to deliver mission-critical applications

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Security at the Core Level

Security should be implemented at the core, not applied externally. Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio and our FrameworX software platform have configurable security related components designed and implemented from the core. FrameworX software is trusted and used in many secure environments delivering critical supervisory control and verified data integrity.

FrameworX & FactoryStudio Security Related Features

Group and User Permissions

User Policies

Redundancy All Modules

Encrypted Database Built-In

Security at the Core


Audit Trail Anything

Secure Gateway

Scripts to Enable Security

“Tatsoft’s software platform truly enables the Industrial Internet of Things for our customers in the Oil and Gas Industry. First, the software functions as a data hub at the edge for collecting data in real-time from the drilling rig control system and then stores and forwards that data to our customers Microsoft Azure IoT data storage or OSISoft’s Pi. We also use the scripting and powerful processing at the edge to host our AI based drilling analytics and present the results graphically to the drill operators”.

- Intellicess

SSL and TLS Support and more to keep your application and data Secure

Of course we support SSL, the standard technology for keeping connections secure and safeguarding any sensitive data. We also support TLS (Transport Level Security) and it as just an updated, more secure, version of SSL. We say it often and we are Flexible, some connections may require HTTPS and others binary TCP/IP, we can handle it. We don’t stop here, read on to learn more about FrameworX secure to the core.

Designed to deliver mission-critical applications

Designed, tested, and installed in secure applications from offshore oil rigs to pharmaceutical companies and more:

  • Group or User Permission or Tag-Level Security
  • Integrate Multiple User Security Models Concurrently
    • Active Directory, WS-Federation, or Internal Application Security
  • Secure Web Gateways
    • Protects the server applications from the Client Application
    • Keep Application and Data Servers Isolated

Audit Trail Anything in an Encrypted Database

One-click configuration to enable audit trail on

  • Operator Actions
  • Database and Reports Events
  • User logon and logoff
  • System events
  • Custom tags events
  • Any project configuration at the object level

Easy reporting as Data is archived in SQL tables with project defined encryption.

Easy Configuration for Securing your Application

Powerful User Security is easy to set-up with the User Security Module. Quickly configure which Users have access to components of the project. These include the ability to change Tag values, open Displays, generate Reports, and more. User Sessions can be controlled so that the User is automatically logged out of the system based on inactivity, duration of the system, or both.

FDA, NERC, and more Regulated Applications

FactoryStudio has been through dozens of rigorous audits in regulated businesses including Pharmaceutical, Oil& Gas, and Nuclear power plants.

  • Many of our security features were designed following NERC CIP-007-1-Cyber-System Security  Management.
  • Together with FS  Alarm, Audit, and Event features, the Security Tools also provide all the tools necessary to create FDA-CFR Part 21 compliant applications.