Tatsoft is a premier Platform Developer for real-time factory-floor data monitoring, SCADA and HMI Systems, Distributed Data Aggregation and Advanced Visualization tools. Tatsoft’s core product, FactoryStudio, was built from a green field using state-of-the-art standards and the Microsoft.NET foundation. It is employed by the most successful automation and control engineering and IT teams for Situational Awareness Projects and real-time decision-making systems, from plant floor to the executive management level. 

Tatsoft empowers people to take control of their plant, production and digital assets through world-class support and solutions. Tatsoft has helped hundreds of clients to adopt advanced data visualization, automation, control and human interface strategies.

About FactoryStudio

Our history and field experience were key in creating this unique software platform. Without what we learned in the past on startups on the factory-floor, and the programming experience with large systems from the ground-up, it would be very challenging, if not impossible, to design a completely new product such as FactoryStudio. It combines the practical need of process controls and real-time systems, with the latest software technologies, in a flexible and powerful, yet simple, application framework.

The technical designers for the Tatsoft® product started in real-time software application development around 1986. That core group of Automation engineers and Software programmers over the last 3 decades, designed software for many operating systems, which were brand-labeled and deployed to hundreds of thousands of installations. During the past few years, this group had the very unique opportunity to work in the Research & Development initiative, to create this new platform. Our mindset for this new generation was that there no need to do it quickly, but to create a long-lasting platform. The requirement was to design a system from a green field, with no legacy code, capable of leveraging the current technological environment.

The four  cornerstones of the FactoryStudio platform are software reliability, ease of use, customer service and technology adoption.


We want to provide our valued Customers with the best solution(s), powered by the latest technologies with pre-packaged business objects and easy to use configuration tools, allowing you to keep your focus on your core business, instead of technology trends.


We want to provide our valued Customers with the functionality needed to enable process improvements, comply with regulations, effectively and efficiently manage assets in real-time, support real-time decisions, and to enable innovation to achieve competitive business advantages.


Tatsoft values internal and external product quality above all, and insures that its products are built not only with the highest quality following procedures and standards, but with the empowerment of the individual, personal and business ethics, social responsibility and mutual respect as goals.