Who We Are

Makers of Industrial Software For Real-Time Applications

Industrial DNA

Our mission comes from more than 25+ years of Industrial DNA, with a talented team of software developers, led by Founder Marc Taccolini, have been delivering real-time application development tools to the industrial market for 25+ years.

Create software that is Complete, Powerful, and Affordable.

Tatsoft was born from a combination of 3 strong motivations


A passion fuels purpose and for us, it's all about building highly innovative, real-time industrial applications.


Our purpose is removing obstacles and solving data related industrial problems for customers. It's what we do and love.


You have to have a willingness to take bold steps while building a scalable, real-time industrial software company.

We take great pride in having built an enviable portfolio of referenceable clients, awesome partners, and delivered results. Our customers, partners, and internal team, all serving as leaders in our industry, are constantly driving the innovation to enhance our product offerings.

The motivations remain the same after all these years and the journey to advance elements for industry continues.

Our company values are non-negotiable and allow us to continue solving challenges for industry, while working to enhance the customer experience along every step of the journey.