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For Enabling Industrial Applications

Applications We Make Possible

Securely Control, Alert, and Analyze your Processes

Build Interactive Visual Applications to control your Machines

Connect to any remote device for easy data access

Gain better Manufacturing Intelligence, track orders, OEE and more

Low cost Edge Computing with secure connection to any Cloud


Connect your plants to your ERP system

Mobile & HTML5

One graphic environment – desktop to web

Use our built-in Dashboard Builder for free – WPF or HTML5

Advancing Elements For Industry

Tatsoft’s team of software experts, led by Founder Marc Taccolini, has been delivering real-time application development tools to the industrial market for 25+ years. FactoryStudio built on the FrameworX™ platform is the ultimate software for creating powerful, flexible, and affordable solutions.

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Tatsoft’s Core Gives You Limitless Possibilities

FrameworX™ enables you to connect, collect, and visualize all your real-time data on any device, to anyone, anywhere. Create industrial strength applications without limitations. Out-of-the-box, it comes complete with all the tools you need in one designer.

Affordable & Flexible Licensing

Our product family and flexible server licensing means you choose exactly what you need from Edge / Gateway up to FrameworX Unlimited, perpetual or subscription. Easily rightsize your application based on server size and functionality.

About Tatsoft

Tatsoft is a premier Platform Developer for real-time data monitoring, SCADA and HMI Systems, Distributed Data Aggregation and Advanced Visualization tools. With over 25+ years of experience solving complex problems, the Tatsoft team has industry-proven expertise working with leading companies worldwide, to deliver robust industrial applications in a wide variety of industries and environments, from plant floor to the executive management level.

“I can’t tell you how many people have come through this building. International groups are very interested. We like showing it off. The system is a big change from what we had; everybody appreciates it.”

Cargill Feed Safety Research Center

“There isn’t another product on the market that fits some of our unique customer requirements as well as FactoryStudio. One example is our customers’ need to maintain corporate standards across their factories, so we use FactoryStudio Components and Plug-ins to achieve this.”

Industrial Network Systems

“One of the main reasons we decided to work with Tatsoft is they have decades of experience in developing software products and understand the need to have a flexible, reliable platform on which to build applications that will last a long time”.

Renifer Systems

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We Help Enable The Best
To Do Their Best

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Start Here: Download our Demo

In our new demo, you’ll find the Brewery Project. If you’re new to the software, we recommend starting here.

In this project, we’ve built a brewery line from scratch, using all of the main software features. At our training site, you’ll find a free course that explains how we did this, from creating a project to adding alarming capabilities.

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Free Training Courses

Our free training website is meant to help you reach you goals with the entire family of software products – FrameworX Unlimited, FactoryStudio, Edge HMI, and Edge Gateway! The training is designed to show you how to work the software with real examples from different industries, explaining everything from the basic features to advanced topics or […]


What PLCs do you interface to?

We have many built-in communication drivers that support PLCs and industry standard protocols. This includes Rockwell, Siemens, Omron and many more, as well as, full support for OPC, OPC UA/DA, and MQTT. We also have an open toolkit for development of custom drivers.

Do you support SQL Databases?

FactoryStudio includes a full featured SQL database. It also provides seamless integration with any database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft Azure SQL and NoSQL data sources including OSISoft’s PI and Rockwell. There are no limits to connectivity!

What programming or scripting languages do you support?
We support C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, Python and JavaScript.
What do you mean by ".NET to the core and IntelliSense"?

All project elements: tags, datasets, alarms, and status of communications are available via Intellisense. They are all native .NET objects, no temporary tags or function calls required. Move tags to .NET objects and external data-tables with a single command.

What functionality do you have around real-time Alarms and Events?
  • The Alarm Module was created with multithreading and exception control, for performance and reliability.
  • One-Click configuration enables Audit Trail on operator actions.
  • Project scripts can subscribe to alarm events to implement custom actions such as notification or calculations methods.
Do you have unlimited clients, unlimited I/O points and unlimited developers licensing?

Yes, and unlimited means unlimited. (We also have pricing options for small I/O counts, such as an OEM might want.) Our flexible licensing options make us affordable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Do you support redundancy and high availability?

Yes, we have reliable and easily configurable redundancy for seamless failover. Realtime tags, devices, alarms, historical data, scripts, clients, and all modules were designed to meet redundancy and hot-swapping requirements.

What type of Project Management do you have for developers and teams of developers?
FactoryStudio comes with a dedicated Project Manager tool. Easily manage and even run multiple projects built on different versions simultaneously! FactoryStudio can also track configuration changes, versions, builds and project releases. Projects are stored in an embedded-encrypted SQL database file that provides more security and easier maintenance than legacy systems.
Can I embed my custom analytics into FactoryStudio?

Yes, FactoryStudio is a fully open and extensible application platform. All user displays, real-time calculations, storage and analytics integrations are open and customizable. We have both developed analytics and partnered with many vertical solution providers to embed their custom data analysis, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence applications into FactoryStudio projects.