OEM Partner Program

Deliver More Customer Value with FrameworX™

OEM Partner Program

Tatsoft has a long history of successfully partnering with many types of OEMs to help them deliver more value to their customers using our robust software platform. We work with machine builders, automation companies, process skid providers and vertical software solutions groups and have delivered thousands of OEM software systems.

Our program is not a one size fits all and is designed to adapt to our OEM partners business model. We work with you and your team to determine if we are a good fit together and then formulate the best path forward based on your specific needs, Tatsoft software technology and our OEM business experience.

Highlights of the program:

  • Map Tatsoft’s capabilities to fit your Requirements
  • Pricing Model to Fit Your Needs
  • Flexible Licensing and Web-based Licensing available
  • Product Branding or White Label
  • Tatsoft Inside co-marketing is available
  • Initial Training and Technical Support Plan
  • Conversion Tools and Services
  • Custom driver development
  • Tatsoft Engineering Services assistance for Any Customization
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Some of our OEM Partner Applications

Flow Meter Manufacturer

Advanced Metering solutions on an embedded Linux controller.

Water Analysis Instruments

Protocol converter with real-time calculations on a small form factor Windows 10 IoT PC.

Industrial Computer Company

White label HMI and Andon software for a specialty industrial computer manufacturer.

Packaging Machinery

Advanced SCADA / HMI and OEE solution for a packaging machine OEM, moving to a connected IIoT application

Process Analysis

Robust HMI / SCADA system for a leading provider of water treatment and analysis process skids.

Generator Manufacturer

Embedded data collection and analytics on wind power generation equipment OEM.

Featured Case Studies

RigDap solution

Embedded Artificial Intelligence for control, optimization, data aggregation, analytics dashboards for Oil and Gas industry.

Spin Solution

Rapid application development of sophisticated SCADA solution for the Electrical Utilities industry specifically for Transmission and Distribution.

Top Reasons for OEMs

As a machine builder or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) you must innovate continuously to maintain and gain market share. Tatsoft and Tatsoft’s founders have specialized in working with OEMs and Machine builders for more than 25 years and have delivered thousands of HMI / SCADA and IIoT applications to OEMs.

Scale from small to large using the same development platform.

  • Flexible and creative pricing to fit your business model
  • From Embedded systems to large scale machines and process skids
  • Simple HMIs to complex applications and analytics

  • Quick Customization if needed

    Your customers have unique needs Tatsoft’s FrameworX provides flexibility in creating templates for individualizing HMIs and fully automate applications. Connect, Store, Visualize, and Analyze one development platform.

    Easily Retrofit your installed machines and equipment

  • Legacy protocol conversion
  • Support Standards MQTT, OPC UA, SQL
  • Built-in Security
  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

  • HMI Connects Operators to your machines

    Tatsoft FactoryStudio enables you to help customers interact directly with your machines to get the most from them. The HMIs also provide better ways to execute commands, such as starting or stopping a process, acknowledging alarms or manually adjusting settings. You will make it easier for them to monitor or manage their machines remotely.

    Integrate with other machines and with your customers enterprise.

  • Tatsoft specialists are here to help you do that–bringing you the latest integration-ready platform, HMI / SCADA and all the IIoT, Big Data, Cloud and other integration expertise you need to make the most of that capability.
  • Ship machines with a modern platform that can communicate and integrate with other hardware and software systems, easily customized and secure. You can standardize HMI applications across product lines, across an entire plant or even meet the needs of multi-site installs.

  • Remove the risk that the software will become obsolete or outdated while the machine itself is still operational.

  • Tatsoft FactoryStudio is designed with 100 percent backwards compatibility.
  • With FrameworX’s open architecture your development and designs will not become obsolete.
  • Tatsoft offers more than native drivers, covering every major PLC and controller manufacturer.