FrameworX™ For The Developer

Powerful means Open Architecture

Open Architecture, Powerful, Intrinsically Safe, Fast, Unlimited

The FrameworX platform provides a single engineering environment including powerful tools for developers. Real-time, event-driven, in-memory database that manages tags, assets, and events. Visualize and run scripts based on data change or operator action. Built-In support for C#, VB.NET, Python and JavaScript for code-behind HTML5 displays. An underlying .NET Object model optimized for real-time applications, .NET API and Web Services-

“Other key factors leading to our decision to use FactoryStudio HMI were the wide range of options for displaying graphics, built-in .NET scripting for special requirements, communication flexibility, and competitive pricing”.

- Water and Wastewater Industries

Scripts and .NET to the core

A 100% managed code means unmatched stability.  FrameworX includes an integrated script editor with powerful debugging tools.

  • Includes C# and VB.NET multi-threaded
    • One click to translate your code between C# and VB.NET
  • Python is easy to add and fully supported
  • All Project Elements are .NET Objects
    • Accessible via Intellisense
    • Tags, Datasets, Devices, Alarms, Reports, Scripts, Layouts, Historian, Displays, Clients are all objects
  • Create Tasks, .NET Classes and Function Libraries

SQL to the Core

Every FactoryStudio system includes a full-featured embedded SQL engine. Of course we also provide seamless integration with any SQL Database like Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. SQL support highlights include:

  • Advanced DataGrid Object
  • SQL Query Builder
  • ODBC, OLE-DB, and ADO.NET support
  • Secure Data Gateway Built-In

Create Custom Displays, Symbols, Components, Templates

  • Includes 100s of Smart Symbols
  • Create Custom Smart Symbols, Components and Plug-Ins
    • Share or Protect your Custom Applications
  • Create Dynamic 3D Models
  • Code Behind and Expressions
    • C#, VB.NET or HTML5/JavaScript
  • Secure Data Gateway Built-In
  • Unique Set of Dynamic Animations
  • Customize your Trend Object properties
  • All Windows Controls Included
    • Web browser, child display, doc viewer and more
  • Integrate 3rd party .NET and HTML5 Components and Plug-Ins

Create Advanced Alarming and Alert Applications

The Alarm module was created on pure .NET managed code, with multi-threading and exception control, for maximum performance and reliability.

  • Scripts can subscribe to Alarm Events to implement custom actions
  • Audit Trail anything archived in Secure SQL
  • Redundant Alarm synchronization 
  • Unlimited number of alarm conditions for each tag

Real-Time Devices

Connectivity is a key FrameworX feature. We include native drivers to a variety of industry standard protocols and have a driver toolkit for developing custom drivers. 

  • OPC and MQTT – Client and Server Support
  • Remote Data Servers
  • Process-Isolation and Multi-threading
  • Diagnostics and Performance Monitoring
  • Dynamic Addressing