System Integrator Program

Accelerate your Business with FrameworX

System Integrator Program

The Tatsoft System Integrator Program is our key business strategy for delivering the best engineered solutions to our mutual customers. We are committed to our System Integrator Partners success and realize the importance of supporting your efforts to achieve our growth goals and customer satisfaction together.

  • Program Options from No Cost to Premium Support for a fee
  • Free Standard Support
  • Discounts on FrameworX Unlimited and FactoryStudio
  • Website Listing for Premium Integrators

Program Benefits

Sign up for the Tatsoft System Integrator Program, we are looking to grow with our System Integrator Partners. We are committed to our System Integrator Partners success and realize the importance of supporting your efforts to achieve our growth goals and customer satisfaction together.

No Upfront Costs

No cost to Registered SIs or you can add benefits as a Premium Member

Discounts and Incentives

Registered and Premium integrators have discounts on training and software. Upon completion of successful projects, more training benefits, access to updates and pre-releases, as well tiered discounts on software.

Development System and Technical support

In-house development systems and standard technical support. On-line Helpdesk and opportunities to participate in training sessions.

Create Plug-ins and Components

Use our toolkits to create symbols, Components, and Plug-Ins that can be used to promote your company and capabilities.


We know you work with vendor multiple platforms. We will work to gain your trust and to grow our business with you by providing the best platform, not locking you in to unrealistic expectations.

Listing on Website and Marketing Opportunities

Upon completion of certification and 1st project completion you will be listed on our web site and invited to participate in marketing opportunities like showcasing systems and applications you’ve created with FrameworX and FactoryStudio through Case Studies, Posts on Social Media, promotion in related industry publications and conferences.


  • Standard Technical Support via e-mail, and web
  • Access to Tatsoft product knowledgebase
  • Discount on Training seats or online training
  • Newsletters and technical bulletins
  • Discount on software and support to sell to end users
  • Not for Resale Development Licenses
  • Annually renewable based on activity with FrameworX or FactoryStudio customers


  • All Registered Benefits plus
  • Discount on software and training
  • Discount on Training seats or online training offered each year
  • Subscription for FactoryStudio-Unlimited-Dev-Only Licenses (development only license for internal use, no field deployment).
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Access to acquire additional Development-Only licenses for other offices and support runtime applications deployed on the field.
  • Referral from Tatsoft to end-users seeking Integrators in the geographical area, or in the area of expertise, of the Premium Integrator.
  • Listing in Tatsoft web-site in Partners -Sales Channels, conditioned to addition of Tatsoft link in Integrators partner page.


  • All Registered and Premium Benefits
  • Tatsoft FrameworX and FactoryStudio is your primary offering
  • Sales Level of $75,000 Annually
  • Co-marketing partner with Tatsoft
  • Featured Integrator on Tatsoft Website

All Program Requirements

The following are Qualification Requirements and minimum requirements for Program Enrollment. Companies that do not meet these criteria are not eligible to enroll in the Tatsoft System Integrator Program:

  1. System Integrator (SI) primary business is integration of automation or information systems.
  2. SI completes a SI Program Application.
  3. SI is committed to training personnel on Tatsoft software.
  4. SI has no other agreement with Tatsoft (i.e. OEM, Representative, Distributor or VAR).
  5. Annual Fees are paid in full.