Reporting And Dashboards

Built-in Report Tool - Dashboard Builder - Multi-tool Access

Unlimited Reporting Options Included

FX / FS give you options for reporting by being a complete affordable solution and including a Report Module and a Dashboard Builder for creating and distributing relevant information to all. We also give you open, secure, and unlimited robust access to all your data so you have the option to use any reporting and analysis tools.

Reporting and Dashboards

Built-In Report Designer

Everything you need in one install, built-in drivers, SQL, redundancy, reporting, and more.

Audit Trail Reports

Logged to secure SQL for easy reporting.

Real-Time Dashboard Builder

Responsive Dashboard builder, use our symbols, import or build.

Save in Any Format

Save and Distribute in Text, HTML5 and PDF.

Runtime Display Snapshots

Easy save runtime displays to file.

Dynamic Graphic Symbols

Use your symbols in reports as well as Trend and Bar Charts.

Open Data Access

Create custom reporting or use Excel VBA and JavaScript apps.

Email to Distribute Reports

Email reports or notifications with links on time or event.

Scripts to Enable Alerts

All project elements are .NET objects, Open and Powerful.

“I selected FactoryStudio from Tatsoft for the project, because of the modern technologies at its core, and my desire to get away from using old legacy products like InTouch or WinCC. I wanted to work with a really new product. KSA trusted in me to choose the right sofware to serve the purpose, and FactoryStudio greatly satisfied our needs.” 

- Zenchenko IK

Built-In Report Designer

FactoryStudio includes a user-friendly simple Report builder. Build the reports you need and incorporate them into your application.  The rich text format includes:

  • Graphics, Symbols, and flexible formatting
  • Runtime Display Snapshots
  • Append real-time and history data for batch and shift reports
  • Flexible use of Tables and Queries
  • Reports can be saved as CSV, PDF, HTML and more

Easy Access your Data – History and Real-Time

Built-In tools for easy access to your Real-Time, SQL, and NoSQL data sources, use FrameworX as your Industrial Data Hub. With over 40 real-time drivers included and support of communications standards like OPC UA and MQTT as well as a complete .NET Data Access library and web services you can access data from the machine level to the enterprise. Unlimited connections and unlimited reporting, web, or desktop clients come with FrameworX Unlimited.

Graphic Designer to Dashboards and Scoreboards

A complete set of tools for creating rich Dashboards and Scoreboards for analyzing your real-time, process historian, and SQL data. We include a full set of symbols, widgets, and components like gauges, charts, trends to confirure KPI dashboards quickly. Flexible means you can add your own symbol, incorporate WPF or HTML5 components,  we make it easy to give you limitless possibilities. Dynamic Symbols are powerful ways to decrease your development time with runtime template binding and central management.

– Use symbols and components or import .NET or HTML5 controls from Syncfusion or others
– Comes with a Dashboard designer to simplify creation of Dashboards and Scoreboards
– Code behind and expressions provide flexible customization, bring your Dashboards Actionable Events

Reporting and Dashboards Features

Real-Time Alarm Processor

Built-In Drivers

Dashboard Builder

Built-In SQL

SQL Historian

Built-In Drivers

Intrinsically Secure

Audit Trail Anything

Symbols and Components

Robust and Fast


Universal Connectivity

Affordable Unlimited


Redundant if needed


Is Reporting included with FrameworX and FactoryStudio?

Yes, the Report Builder is included with FrameworX Unlimited, FactoryStudio and Edge HMI. We also give you a built-In Responsive Dashboard Builder in our Graphics Designer. Also, a complete .NET Data Access library, SQL Server support as well as open APIs. Trigger and send reports based on events.

What is FrameworX and FactoryStudio?
FrameworX is the name of software platform, FactoryStudio is our flagship product built on FrameworX. Our FrameworX products are all based on the same platform and are scalable as Unlimited or scaled by I/O points and Clients.  Complete software framework to fit your application and budget. Call us to discuss your exact needs at +1 (855) 828-7638
What does Complete mean in terms of included functionality?
Complete means we include all of the core functionality you would expect so you don’t have to buy a bunch of “modules”. We have a built-in SQL database, OPC UA, MQTT, 40+ plc drivers, and much more.
What PLCs do you interface to?
We have many built-in communication drivers that support PLCs and industry standard protocols. This includes Rockwell, Siemens, Omron and many more, as well as, full support for OPC, OPC UA/DA, and MQTT. We also have an open toolkit for development of custom drivers.
Do you have unlimited clients, unlimited I/O points and unlimited developers licensing?

Yes, and unlimited means unlimited. (We also have pricing options for small I/O counts, such as an OEM might want.) Our flexible licensing options make us affordable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Do you support SQL Databases?
FactoryStudio includes a full featured SQL database. It also provides seamless integration with any database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft Azure SQL and NoSQL data sources including OSISoft’s PI and Rockwell. There are no limits to connectivity!
What programming or scripting languages do you support?
We support C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, Python and JavaScript.
When you say .NET to the core and IntelliSense what do you mean?

All project elements: tags, datasets, alarms, and status of communications are available via Intellisense. They are all native .NET objects, no temporary tags or function calls required. Move tags to .NET objects and external data-tables with a single commend.

What functionality do you have around real-time Alarms and Events?
  • The Alarm Module was created with multithreading and exception control, for performance and reliability.
  • One-Click configuration enables Audit Trail on operator actions.
  • Project scripts can subscribe to alarm events to implement custom actions such as notification or calculations methods.
Do you support redundancy and high availability?

Yes, we have reliable and easily configurable redundancy for seamless failover. Realtime tags, devices, alarms, historical data, scripts, clients, and all modules were designed to meet redundancy and hot-swapping requirements.

What type of Project Management do you have for developers and teams of developers?
FactoryStudio comes with a dedicated Project Manager tool. Easily manage and even run multiple projects built on different versions simultaneously! FactoryStudio can also track configuration changes, versions, builds and project releases. And FactoryStudio projects are stored in an embedded-encrypted SQL database file that provides more security and easier maintenance than legacy systems.
Can I embed my custom analytics into FactoryStudio?

Yes, FactoryStudio is a fully open and extensible application platform. All user displays, real-time calculations, storage and analytics integrations are open and customizable. We have both developed analytics and partnered with many vertical solution providers to embed their custom data analysis, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence applications into FactoryStudio projects.