Flexible HMI Software for Machine Operators and Machine Builders

Easy to Create, Open-Flexible-Affordable HMIs

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio HMI is an open and flexible software platform for developing traditional, high performance and modern HMIs for your operators. Create fast, robust and secure HMIs that provide real-time graphics, trending, alarms and alerts. Ready for Industry 4.0 so you can answer the need for actionable information and actionable intelligence.

Our benefits


Everything you need in one install, built-in drivers, sql, redundancy, reporting, and more.

Create Fast and Powerful

Reusable symbols and components, projects stored in one secure file, built-in versioning.

Security & Redundancy

Mission-critical HMIs, Security at the core level.


FactoryStudio HMI is sized to your application, includes drivers, MQTT, audit trail and more.

.NET and Web

.NET means reliability and intrinsically safe. Web means easy to deploy.

Integrate to Anything IT

ERP, MES, Quality, Maintenance, Documents, Databases.

Connected Data Hub

Edge computing, store/forward to SQL, Data Historian or IIoT.

You Choose Hardware

FactoryStudio HMI works on and flavor of Windows as well as Linux and iOS (iPhone, iPad).

Powerful Scripting

C#, VB.NET, Python, Code Editor, Create Tasks, .NET Classes.

“Other key factors leading to our decision to use FactoryStudio HMI were the wide range of options for displaying graphics, built-in .NET scripting for special requirements, communication flexibility, and competitive pricing”.

- Water and Wastewater Industries

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Graphic Designer to build Dynamic HMIs

A complete set of tools for creating rich interactive displays for analyzing your real-time and historical data. We include a full set of symbols and components so you can easily build HMI graphics, charts, trends and alarm screens. Build or add your own symbols, we give you limitless possibilities. Dynamic Symbols are powerful ways to decrease your development time with runtime template binding and central management.
– Rich vector drawing tool or use symbols and components or import .NET or HTML5 controls
– Comes with a Dashboard designer to simplify creation of powerful data visualizations
– Code behind and expressions provide flexible customization on animations and client-side events

Connect to PLCs, DCS, OPC, MQTT

Included with FS HMI at no additional cost are many protocols, like; Rockwell, Modbus, Siemens, Omron, OPC UA, MQTT,SNMP, BacNet, and many more. We also have a driver toolkit that you can use to develop drivers or let our team do the work we’ve developed. See a list of included drivers and protocols here.

Multi-Platform, Multi-Touch, Multi-Monitor HMIs

FactoryStudio Edge HMI runs in many environments choose an industrial HMI or lower cost device. We support any version of Windows, including CE, as well as Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Apple iOS. From edge to large format displays. Simple to configure Multi-Monitor support.

HMI Data Logging and Trending

Log data to the built-in SQL database or external databases, like Microsoft SQL Server, Azure or Oracle. Advanced visualization and annotation features. Log tags, alarms, events.  Store and Forward to a remote database or process historian. Advanced data grid and trending tool for analyzing historical data.

  • Plot logged data with any SQL data on the same chart
  • Trend charts are configurable or fully customizable
  • Vertical and XY charts with all properties available to scripts

Single HMI to Server Based HMI

Of course the FactoryStudio HMI supports from one to many HMI stations. You can have stand alone to centrally managed and everything in between – Open and Flexible. Centrally managed for applications that require plant or enterprise wide development, standardization, deployment and maintenance.

Thin and Remote Access and Control

Full secure access if enabled. Access your remote HMI or network of HMIs, our FactoryStudio Web Client can be used to develop virtual views with full graphics. Ideal for isolated facilities or HMI stations and you can interact with the site without physically visiting. Full access includes the development environment.

Mobile Native iOS SCADA HMI

High-performance iOS clients can be provided from the same project server. A native iOS app, no installation, you just need the standard application downloaded from the Apple Store – Tatsoft SCADA HMI Client.

HMI powered by FrameworX

Alarm and Notification

Multi-threaded alarming, log to SQL, scripts subscribe to events.

Built-In Drivers

Major PLC, OPC UA, MQTT drivers included. Toolkit for any protocol.

Dashboard Builder

Build dashboards and connect to data as part of your HMI.

Built-In SQL

Embedded SQL engine included or integrate to any SQL.

SQL Historian

Use built-in SQL or log to any Process Historian or Cloud Base Data Source.

SQL Data Logging

Comes with HMI just configure tag to log, rate or on event and go.

Intrinsically Secure

Implemented at the core of the platform, stable and secure.

Audit Trail Anything

Log events, you choose events to log to SQL and displayed in Audit window.

Symbols and Components

Tag, asset, template based, reusable components.

Robust and Fast

.NET to the core, Fast and Flexible Graphics.


Code behind and expressions using VB.NET, C#, HTML5/ Javascript and Python.

Universal Connectivity

Secure connectivity included, build server or cloud connected HMIs.

Complete & Multi-Platform

Everything you need to build next gen HMIs, run on Windows or Linux.

Scalable HMI I/O Pricing

Buy what you need.


Server, device communications easily configured for redundancy.


What is Edge HMI?

Edge HMI is the name of our HMI product that is part of our FrameworX product family and is built on FrameworX Platform. It uses our development environment and includes most of the core functionality, it is limited by I/O counts and the number of connected clients to make it even more affordable for smaller applications.

*See pricing and call to discuss your specific application needs.

What is FrameworX and FactoryStudio?

FrameworX is the name of software platform, FactoryStudio is our flagship product built on FrameworX. Our FrameworX products are all based on the same platform and are scalable as Unlimited or scaled by I/O points and Clients.  Complete software framework to fit your application and budget. Call us to discuss your exact needs at +1 (855) 828-7638

What does Complete mean in terms of included functionality?

Complete means we include all of the core functionality you would expect so you don’t have to buy a bunch of “modules”. We have a built-in SQL database, OPC UA, MQTT, 40+ plc drivers, and much more.

What PLCs do you interface to?
We have many built-in communication drivers that support PLCs and industry standard protocols. This includes Rockwell, Siemens, Omron and many more, as well as, full support for OPC, OPC UA/DA, and MQTT. We also have an open toolkit for development of custom drivers.
Do you support SQL Databases?
FactoryStudio includes a full featured SQL database. It also provides seamless integration with any database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Microsoft Azure SQL and NoSQL data sources including OSISoft’s PI and Rockwell. There are no limits to connectivity!
What programming or scripting languages do you support?
We support C# (C Sharp), VB.NET, Python and JavaScript.
When you say .NET to the core and IntelliSense what do you mean?

All project elements: tags, datasets, alarms, and status of communications are available via Intellisense. They are all native .NET objects, no temporary tags or function calls required. Move tags to .NET objects and external data-tables with a single commend.

What functionality do you have around real-time Alarms and Events?
  • The Alarm Module was created with multithreading and exception control, for performance and reliability.
  • One-Click configuration enables Audit Trail on operator actions.
  • Project scripts can subscribe to alarm events to implement custom actions such as notification or calculations methods.
What type of Project Management do you have for developers and teams of developers?

FactoryStudio comes with a dedicated Project Manager tool. Easily manage and even run multiple projects built on different versions simultaneously! FactoryStudio can also track configuration changes, versions, builds and project releases. And FactoryStudio projects are stored in an embedded-encrypted SQL database file that provides more security and easier maintenance than legacy systems.

Can I embed my custom analytics into FactoryStudio?

Yes, FactoryStudio is a fully open and extensible application platform. All user displays, real-time calculations, storage and analytics integrations are open and customizable. We have both developed analytics and partnered with many vertical solution providers to embed their custom data analysis, predictive analytics, and Artificial Intelligence applications into FactoryStudio projects.