Demo Projects Overview

The Brewery Project | Tutorial

In our new demo, you’ll find the Brewery Project. If you’re new to the software, we recommend starting here.

In this project, we’ve built a brewery line from scratch, using all of the main software features. At our training site, you’ll find a free course that explains how we did this, from creating a project to adding alarming capabilities.

Application Demos

As you install the software, you’ll find a project titled “Demo”. This main project contains four different demos, that showcase different industrial applications you can build with our platform. You’ll find detailed information about each one on this page – just scroll down, or click in each one to learn more. 

Process Plant

The Process Plant Demo shows you some of the features you can use in building your own Enterprise SCADA systems.

What is OEE

The “What is OEE?” Demo is a multi-faceted project.

  • Teaches you what “OEE” is through examples. Move the given sliders to experiment and see the impact each component has in real-time
  • Contains an animated bottling line with simulator that you can control – impacting your OEE
  • Shows examples of various errors on a production line that can impact your OEE components – Availability, Performance, and Quality
  • See how easy reporting can be – such as how to include charts and data grids

Andon & Discrete Production

The Andon & Discrete Production Demo showcases some of the features you can use in building a real-time Andon / Discrete Production system.

Assets & Alarm Monitoring

The Assets & Alarm Monitoring Demo showcases some of the features you might use in a global enterprise for monitoring remote plants and their assets and alarms.

The Solar Panel Project

This advanced demo showcases an example of distributed applications, simulating the collection, publishing and viewing of the data of a solar panel project.

This demo is made up of two projects: EdgeGateway(fxEdgeCollector), the project collecting and publishing data to a Historian, as well as an UI (fxAssetsMonitor), that dynamically detects data. Presented with a map view, it shows historic data as well as current data. You can learn more about this demo at our documentation.