Tatsoft and HiveMQ

New Partnership and Product Offering

As your applications grows or you want the benefit and support of a scalable enterprise class MQTT Broker. Our new product offering bundles multiple levels of HiveMQ’s MQTT Broker technology with Tatsoft FrameworX products.

The Tatsoft HiveMQ product offering includes HiveMQ’s MQTT broker and it’s client-based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable movement of data to and from connected IIoT devices. It uses the MQTT protocol for instant, bi-directional push of data between your device and your enterprise systems.

New Product includes a demo system

Now, you get a bundled Tatsoft HiveMQ subscription license with any Tatsoft product, from Edge to Unlimited, and get:

25 MQTT Clients included in Tatsoft FrameworX installation

Upgrade to multiple configurations:

HiveMQ Industrial Edge - Basic Edition

250 MQTT Clients

HiveMQ Industrial Edge - Premier Edition

1000 MQTT Clients

HiveMQ Professional Edition

Unlimited Clients

The integration with HiveMQ is the perfect solution for high performance and reliable deployment of IIOT solutions!

- Marc Taccolini, Founder and CTO

Join The Industrial Internet Of Things

Tatsoft’s FrameworX combined with HiveMQ is built to address some of the key technical challenges organizations face when building new Industrial Internet of Things applications, including:

  • Building reliable and scalable business critical IIoT applications
  • Fast data delivery to meet the expectations of end users for responsive IIoT products
  • Lower cost of operation through efficient use of hardware, network and cloud resources
  • Securely Integrating IIoT data into existing enterprise systems
  • Connecting to Industrial Devices and Modeling your Data

Connect to your real-time devices!

In an IIoT world, connecting industrial devices from different vendors to backend applications is a major challenge. It requires a lot of engineering effort to connect these devices. Open IIoT communication protocol, like MQTT Sparkplug, can enable such systems to seamlessly exchange information with no programming at all. Even better, MQTT Sparkplug allows these systems to automatically discover each other.

Webinar: Designing an Edge to Cloud Architecture for IIoT

In this webinar, experts from Tatsoft and HiveMQ discussed the key components of a modern edge to cloud IIoT architecture, identified key challenges to its implementation, and demonstrated Tatsoft’s recent product release of FactoryWork and FactoryStudio, which includes support for MQTT and Sparkplug.

Tatsoft and HiveMQ Unified Namespace

Scalable MQTT Broker

Efficient Network Utilization

Reliable Data Delivery

Real-time Data Monitoring

Enterprise-grade security

100% MQTT Compliant


What is FrameworX and FactoryStudio?
FrameworX is the name of software platform, FactoryStudio is our flagship product built on FrameworX. Our FrameworX products are all based on the same platform and are scalable as Unlimited or scaled by I/O points and Clients.  Complete software framework to fit your application and budget. Call us to discuss your exact needs at +1 (855) 828-7638
What is MQTT in IoT?

MQTT is the standard protocol for messaging and data exchange for the Internet of Things. The protocol uses a publish/subscribe architecture. The technology provides a scalable and cost-effective way to connect devices over the Internet. It is able to deliver data over the Internet in near real-time and with guarantees of delivery. MQTT is designed for IoT devices – lightweight, which enables low-cost device communication.

How does MQTT work?

MQTT follows the Publish/Subscribe paradigm. The sender (Publisher) and receiver (Subscribers) of messages communicate via so-called topics and are decoupled from each other. The connection between them is handled by the broker. The task of the broker is to filter all incoming messages and distribute them correctly to the subscribers. A client doesn’t have to pull the information it needs, the broker pushes the information to the client whenever something new is available.

What does an MQTT broker do?

An MQTT broker is at the heart of any MQTT deployment. Depending on the implementation, a broker can handle up to millions of concurrently connected MQTT clients. The broker is responsible for receiving all messages, filtering the messages, determining who is interested in each message, and sending the message to these subscribed clients.

Is MQTT secure?

MQTT is designed to allow very secure communication. As an application layer protocol it introduces extensive device authentication and authorization possibilities. The underlying TCP/IP transport protocol can add additional security via TLS encryption.