New And Improved In 9.2

Top Features

    • Integrated Canary Historian (with a FREE Version Option!)
      • Embedded Historian
      • Native Integration
    • Asset Data Modeling
      • Hierarchical Tags
      • Dynamic Link with Remote Tag Provider
    • Dynamic Tag Provider: direct access to external data models

Additional Features

  • HTML5 Enhancements
  • Linux Support Enhancements
  • Docker (container) support for both Linux and Windows
  • New Project Templates
  • Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix Auto-discover
  • Edge Store-and-Forward (Canary and MQTT)
  • New Demo for Distributed Applications

Tatsoft Canary Historian

  • Includes embedded and integrated Canary Historian, available with FrameworX 9.2
  • Includes free, 500 Canary Historian Tags with any license – Edge to FrameworX Unlimited.
  • Add Tags to the 500 points (from 1500 to Unlimited!)
  • Unlimited Tag Option w/FrameworX Unlimited
  • Also, Native Integration to Canary Historian and the Canary System via Tag Provider

Easily Connect To Any Canary Server

Canary and Tatsoft share a common tag definition and asset modeling

In addition to the embedded Canary Historian, we also have a new built-in integration with the Canary System that is easy to use, high speed and extremely secure, as it leverages Canary’s .NET API to connect at the core level, allowing you to publish and consume data, as well use Canary’s tags and models. 

There’s no need for extra configuration or even to create tags within FrameworX – simply define the server and browse the assets you need!

Asset Data Modeling

Easily develop a Unified Namespace or any Asset Hierarchy

  • Easily add and combine metadata from multiple systems into a single cohesive Asset Model
  • Organize your Tags in a folder structure with Logical Names
  • Simplify visualization and navigation through templates
  • Consume or Integrate to external Models or Namespaces
  • Auto Tag Creation

Add Clarity and Context. Deliver all the info you need to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Dynamic Tag Provider

Automatic & Tagless Connections!

  • Connect to external data sources and consume their Namespaces
  • Automatically access all the tags and data structures by just connecting to that provider with a simple configuration
  • The connected provider’s Tags and Namespace will be available for use in FrameworX (screens, scripts, symbols, and more)
  • Many types of Tag Providers
    • Protocols, Historians or Devices

New MQTT Tools and Enhancements

  • New MQTT Simulator
  • New Embedded Broker
  • SparkplugB Enhancements
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Store-and-Forward
  • HiveMQ Integration

MQTT Client Simulator

With FrameworX 9.2, we’re releasing an MQTT Client simulator (with Sparkplug) to make testing easier and faster – testing for projects in general, testing for communication with the FrameworX MQTT Client, and for testing our new Dynamic Tag Provider functionality with MQTT.

Why fight with multiple tools? With this simulator, you can easily publish 30k simulated values to the MQTT Broker – all from the same design environment.

We’ve made choosing a MQTT Broker much easier!

Those familiar with MQTT know that projects that use that technology need a MQTT Broker: with FrameworX, we connect to any brokers that use the MQTT protocols, as well as MQTT SparkplugB and Azure IoT, and we include an embedded MQTT Broker for testing and development.

But as your applications grows or you want the benefit and support of an enterprise class MQTT Broker. Now, you can buy a bundled HiveMQ subscription license with any Tatsoft product:

  • Available in multiple configurations
  • HiveMQ Industrial Edge – Basic Edition – 250 MQTT Clients
  • HiveMQ Industrial Edge – Premier Edition – 1000 MQTT Clients
  • HiveMQ Professional Edition – Unlimited Clients

OPC UA Improvements

Easy Integrations: Easier to find and browse data; based on the latest OPC UA specifications.

More Secure: Easier to configure; More authentication and encryption capabilities to protect data.

More Connectivity: Support is available for Windows and Linux devices

Enhanced Performance: Performance improvements, connecting and exchanging data faster than before.

HTML5 Enhancements

Web Interfaces from both Linux and Windows servers!

  • Performance (Startup, visibility objects, etc)
  • Bug fixes
  • Enabled GetControl method
  • Enabled Popup/StaysOpenLostFocus feature.
  • Enabled GridControl Cell data format feature
  • Enabled vertical alignment for TextBox, RadioBox, and CheckBox
  • Enabled MultiPopup feature
  • Enabled AssetControl feature
  • New methods: GetParentSymbol, GetParentDisplay
  • New TK method: CreateSymbol
  • Added method: GetChildrenElements
  • Enabled array multidimensional.
  • Included MAP control
  • Enabled Dashboard and added HTML5 Custom controls for Linux (Mono) projects
  • Enabled retentive tag client

Linux Support Enhancements

General improvements such as:

  • OPC UA Support 
  • Docker Support
  • MQTT SparkplugB with Store&Forward
  • EdgeGateway family available to Linux

Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix Auto-discover

You can now connect to the ControlLogix device and see all available PLC addresses – that means ConttrolLogix may be added as a Tag Provider, allow you to access their data models and definitions without creating any tags within FrameworX.

Edge Store-and-Forward

Canary and MQTT

We’ve added the Store-And-Forward functionality when FrameworX publishes data to the Canary Historian or a MQTT Broker, which means we temporary store the data of a message for transmission to its destination at a later time, in case the network is not accessible for any reason. 

This functionality is essential in data collection projects, where the data is sent to a remote repository.

Distributed Applications Demo

We’ve added a new demo project that showcases an example of distributed applications, simulating the collection, publishing and viewing of the data of a solar panel project.