Due to concerns regarding data integrity and potential impact on their process and reputation, the Town of Clifton Park, NY Water Authority decided to replace their old software. The legacy software had issues with intermittent communications and trend archiving, posing a risk to the highly regulated drinking water treatment process.


FactoryStudio, powered by FrameworX, impressed the water authority with its modern interface and comprehensive set of features, which encompassed both the development environment and runtime features. Additionally, the software provided flexible client options, including support for phone and tablet clients in addition to traditional PCs.


By providing flexibility and efficiency in day-to-day operations, FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX simplifies they day-to-day processes. Furthermore, the underlying technology ensures that the software is not only a viable solution in the present, but also capable of meeting the company’s future needs.

Decrease in costs: The Water Authority was able to transition from their previous SCADA vendor to Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio at a comparable cost to upgrading their outdated software due to the software’s price structure. Additionally, this cost benefit extends to the software’s overall cost of ownership.

Increased security: Utilizing the .NET environment offers a secure platform that not only ensures compatibility with current Windows versions but also with future releases.