The Refinery had outdated legacy software and needed to update the interface to each of their systems with the latest proven design, better stability and reliability, that could provide high-quality graphics, high-speed data analytics and allow the operators, technicians and engineers to maintain a high level of confidence with the system retrofit.


The company chose FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX because it could provide high speed controller data for fast and efficient analysis. The software was also extremely efficient and engineering time was reduced.


The updated software allowed the company to analyze the Control Unit quickly and efficiently, leading to quicker resolution to issues by presenting real-time data, cold hard facts, and no longer hearsay to management so they can focus their attention to the production and overall efficiency of the plant’s operation.

  • Real-time alarms helped the unit to continue operation safely, where otherwise the unit unloading, runback or to even shutdown was prevented.
  • When comparing the upgrade cost and the amount of engineering hours required, compared to other units, the cost reduction by using FactoryStudio exceeded $40,000.
  • With the ability to perform data analysis on every point in the control system, the company found problems they did not even know existed. This increased efficiency and availability due to resolving issues without shutting down, and to preplan for immediate outage support.