Apache needed a way to use real-time data to help increase efficiency, drive and improve performance, significantly lower well costs, and to be able to make better data-driven strategic decisions in real-time.


Apache chose FactoryStudio from Tatsoft to accelerate its performance and learning by using such FactoryStudio capabilities as its ability to combine high speed data with low-latency data sources in real-time, and its ability to use high-end analytics tools to aggregate, analyze, and present real-time information.


The project is in full production, including loading historical data from approximately 800 wells, to enable “lessons learned” analysis.

  • 75-80% SAVINGS in direct cost per average well using the FactoryStudio solution than current land-based EDR systems.
  • 93-95% SAVINGS compared to the current vendor costs of other “high-end” solutions and systems that also included real-time models and logging visualization at the rig.
  • Up to 100 Hz received data rates for this project.