Industry 4.0 requires better data access. Therefore, the company needed to replace their closed non-expandable honeywell GR series graphic chart record. Their old system recorded the data in a proprietary data structure, which needed a separate product to access. That meant they had less security and non-flexible reporting.


The company chose FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX because it provided a full Solution for Trending, Alarming, Reporting, data storage and graphic displays with redundancy and multiple remote clients. FactoryStudio also includes many real-time devices drivers like OPC UA and an MQTT Broker to allow secure access to other systems.


With the new system, the client could use data historian technology redundancy to handle the increasing data loads and storage requirements while maintaining acceptable user response. They also gained:

  • Remote access to the data and open access to recorded data, making reporting easier and faster.
  • Enhanced trending functions, replacing paper chart recorders and increasing security.
  • Flexible security to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11