Landguth Heimtiernahrung, a wet pet food producer, needed a better way of monitoring their autoclaves. Their old system had approximately 70 autoclave control systems that were separated from one another. Each system needed to be individually configured and there was no centralized information for their processes.


Landguth had already been testing a Rohrbach Elektrotechnik autoclave control system, developed with FactoryStudio, for more than 3 years. The innovative and robust control concept, the convenience and performance of the process visualization program, and the possibility to manage all autoclaves via one central control system showed the kind of improvement the company needed.


  • Reduced risk and error: Automatic checks reduce the number of possible operating errors and the time required to manage the autoclaves compared to the old control system.
  • Less downtime: During ongoing production, changes can be made to cooking programs, recipes, or to user administration.
  • Availability: All data is immediately available and significantly contributes to the monitoring and optimization of production processes.