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"Apache now has the advantage of controlling the data quality; and capturing and retaining access to real-time, high frequency data to leverage with other data sources and capabilities".
"The other packages we looked at were either extremely long in the tooth, could only communicate with a single PLC, or were lacking in data collection capabilities (...) FactoryStudio also provides the tools for us to make complex animations that were essential for us to separate ourselves from the competition".
"The system responds faster than the old one, which was the goal".
"We found FactoryStudio to be a very easy and intuitive platform".
"Other key factors leading to our decision to use FactoryStudio were the wide range of options for displaying graphics, built-in .NET scripting for special requirements, communication flexibility, and competitive pricing".
"The Tatsoft FactoryStudio software, used in the migration of the Integrated Recirculation Monitoring System at the Ipatinga facility, proved to be stable and reliable, increasing the process efficiency and costs optimization".
"One of the main reasons we decided to work with Tatsoft is they have decades of experience in developing software products and understand the need to have a flexible, reliable platform on which to build applications that will last a long time".
“I can’t tell you how many people have come through this building. International groups are very interested. We like showing it off. The system is a big change from what we had; everybody appreciates it”.
“I selected FactoryStudio from Tatsoft for the project, because of the modern technologies at its core, and my desire to get away from using old legacy products like InTouch or WinCC. I wanted to work with a really new product. KSA trusted in me to choose the right software to serve the purpose, and FactoryStudio greatly satisfied our needs.”
Pentagro customers have experienced earnings of up to USD 2.00 per ton of sugarcane by stabilizing production schedule, plant throughput, and improving the efficiency associated with operational procedures guided by the decision support tools.