The goal was to allow for better control and monitoring for the company’s processes, which included designing and controlling the compression systems; managing gas; and controlling the production of the Condensed Natural Gas (CNG) dispensers.


FactoryStudio from Tatsoft was chosen for its flexibility, ease of use and competitive pricing structure and proved to be more efficient than competitors’ solutions as its structure allows for easy customization with little to no additional tags or scripts.


The project only took a few weeks to complete (less than half the time of similar systems using competing SCADA packages) and it provided MetroLink with a wide array of benefits. Providing remote access through easy to use Web Clients means MetroLink personnel can access the system easily without needing to install and license software on every computer.

“FactoryStudio helps us to get the data we need and deliver meaningful information”.

James Tuttle, Systems Administrator for MetroLink