HiveMQ and Tatsoft to Power Modern IIoT Systems with MQTT and Sparkplug

HiveMQ is a MQTT based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable bi-directional movement of data between device and the cloud. They have over 130 customers, including many Fortune 500 companies, that rely on their product in production for mission critical use cases like connected cars, logistics, Industry 4.0 and connected IoT products.

Given HiveMQ’s expertise in MQTT and Sparkplug, we are very excited to announce that Tatsoft and HiveMQ have entered into partnership to make HiveMQ available to Tatsoft customers. Tatsoft’s customers will be able to purchase HiveMQ as part of an overall Tatsoft solution. HiveMQ and Tatsoft will work together to ensure the customers receive world class support and products for their IIoT deployments.

Tatsoft and HiveMQ also recently did a webinar that describes the Tatsoft Edge to Cloud solution. The webinar recording includes a great demo of how Tatsoft and HiveMQ work together.  You can learn more about this partnership, watch the presentation and download the demo here.

We look forward to working with the HiveMQ team to deliver successful customer solutions.