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Well Site Automation 2018

With a greater need to drive productivity and cost-efficiency from increasingly stretched well sites, the 3rd Annual Well Site Automation 2017 opened up the frontiers for more effective well site automation at every level of automation.

From entry-level Level 1, to intermediate Level 2 and 3, and advanced full automated Level 4 and 5 control, the 2017 conference moved away from the one-size-fits-all automation formula  and delivered more structured, tailored value-driven automation lessons, starting at the well head and ending at the final stage.

With objectives from acquiring improved real-time data from well sites to developing more sophisticated communication networks, as well as how to set up and optimize monitoring, measuring and control systems, the 2017 ‘s agenda was packed with practical case studies and discussions to drive automation further.

Now, American Business Conferences is proud to announce dates for diary for the 4th Annual Well Site Automation 2018, North America’s premier learning hub for well site automation.

Much Bigger Than Before > 4 Full Days of Learning & Networking in 2018

  • Monday, January 29 > Dedicated Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Tuesday & Wednesday, January 30 & 31 > Dedicated Well Site Automation Conference
  • Thursday, February 1 > Dedicated Day of Case Studies & Discussions To Realize Efficiencies From Real-Time Data Analytics

Tatsoft will be participating in the grand event once again, this time at stand 19.