FactoryStudio™ 9.1 powered by FrameworX™ shows Tatsoft’s commitment to continuous innovation by providing a complete, powerful, and cost-effective industrial software platform. From Edge & HMI to IIoT & enterprise, the framework is designed to be Open, Flexible, and Scalable.

Houston, Texas – December 14, 2020 – Tatsoft LLC today released FactoryStudio™ 9.1 powered by the FrameworX™ Platform, enabling users to create industrial applications that solve their problems. FrameworX refers to Tatsoft’s real-time software platform used to develop scalable solutions for a variety of industries. FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX comes with a complete toolset of building blocks allowing the user to create the exact application they need. Built-In Tools to help create results for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and human-machine interface (HMI). FactoryStudio is used in simple to complex applications throughout the world across industrial verticals.

FactoryStudio powered by FrameworX 9.1 is new and improved, building upon Tatsoft’s main themes of powerful, open, flexible, affordable, and secure. More choices are offered in the licensing model from FrameworX™ Unlimited to scalable by I/O, and perpetual or subscription licensing in some packages.

Version 9.1 is feature rich and includes even more out-of-the-box capabilities for an already powerful platform. Highlights include: Dashboard Display Types, Themes, Visual SQL Query Builder, High Performance Graphics Symbols, Better Python Integration, Project Templates, MQTT Client/SparkplugB / Broker and much more.

New Dashboard Display Type:

Easily create dashboards, drag-and-drop panels to display grids, charts, your own symbols, scripts, and more. Support to create .NET and HTML5 desktop or mobile dashboards with the same drawing tool. Control responsive behavior for intelligent resizing. Support for new Project Themes.

Version 9.1 supports BOTH Project Themes and Engineering Environment Themes. Users can easily build or pick from a variety of prebuilt themes with the new theme selector. Engineering Environment Themes allow users to choose from multiple themes for the style they like best, or to suit their viewing environment, such as dark mode. Open multiple projects or multiple copies of the same project and EACH can have its own theme to make it easier and faster to tell which project users are working in or referencing.

FactoryStudio™ powered by FrameworX™ 9.1 also introduces a Visual SQL Query Builder to further enhance existing SQL connectivity. Also included, a built-in SQL database, as well as support for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and more! The Visual SQL Query Builder allows users to visually connect, build, and test  SQL queries before using them in their project – no need to install or open additional software. Queries can be copy/pasted wherever needed in the project and will work as they have been tested.

FactoryStudio 9.1 gives the developer more choices. and the ability to deliver on Analytics. Supporting any version of Python, the full integration gives access to the Python namespace from within FactoryStudio Scripts, Tasks, and Code Behind. Additional languages also supported are C#, VB.NET, and JavaScript.

Some additional highlights are related to the IIoT such as the MQTT Client/Broker Support and Secure Edge / Gateway Products. Engineering enhancements also added include Multi-Screen Engineering, Project Templates, Multi-User Development Collaboration and Remote Engineering.