Faster Industrial Digitalization Deployment Time with Less Labor

Houston, Texas [02/17/2022] – Manufacturing and process users are empowered to accelerate industrial digitalization with the Tatsoft expanded and improved FactoryStudio™ powered by FrameworX™ with the release of version 9.2, enabling companies to reliably achieve greater profitability and sustainability.

“Digitalization is essential for industrial companies to be profitable and competitive. Tatsoft FactoryStudio™ 9.2 powered by FrameworX™ builds on a commitment to provide the most powerful easy to use software leveraging the latest IT, OT, and industrial automation open standards to achieve real-time synchronized and optimized manufacturing from sensor edge to business systems and cloud applications.” Founder & CTO Marc Taccolini

FactoryStudio™ powered by FrameworX™ is a complete, powerful, and affordable software platform to create robust real-time industrial applications that offer a wide range of integration tools. Tatsoft helps users integrate OT and IT with compatible standards including SQL, .NET, C#, VB.NET, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, OPC UA, MQTT and more.

Tatsoft delivers enhanced security and intrinsically safe execution due to the 100% managed code environment, distributed multi-user engineering with Cloud-collaboration, built-in project version management, effective use of 64-bit multi-core CPUs to deliver unmatched application performance and user interfaces with easy multi-display and web support, native SQL embedded, Microsoft .NET Framework tied integration, side-by-side execution of testing and production runtimes, hot-swapping of running project version, hot-standby server components and more. Essentially, there is added value to the entire project cycle, from the configuration tools, to the deploying and field management tools.

The Tatsoft team with over 25 years of industrial software experience and knowhow is continually delivering user-friendly flexible real-time industrial digitalization software to achieve effective manufacturing business integration. Tatsoft LLC was founded in Houston, Texas in early 2009 by Marcos Taccolini to develop an entirely new product “from a clean sheet of paper.” Taccolini has a long history in the automation field as an Electrical Engineer who started working with programmable controllers and software systems in 1985. Tatsoft it is committed to delivering intuitive, enjoyable software that increases staff efficiency and protects users from making configuration errors. Tatsoft software is used by a large number of companies today including Apache, Cargill, Gerdau, Weg, Ecolab, and Sargento.

Release 9.2 Key Highlights

  • Rockwell ControlLogix And CompactLogix Auto-Discover
  • Asset Data Modeling
  • MQTT SparkplugB
  • HTML 5 Linux & Window Servers Web Interfaces
  • Linux Enhancements
  • Automatic & Tagless Connections!
  • Edge Store-And-Forward

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