Thank you for downloading!

Thank you!

You can download our software here. We’ve also send you the link by email – if you haven’t received it, check your SPAM/Junk folder.

Note this is a FREE TRIAL that contains the following:
    * 2 Hours resettable runtime
    * Contains multiple demo projects to use / review / learn from
    * 500 Communication points

    * Access to all the features in FactoryStudio 9.2 powered by FrameworX
    * Access to all our Standard communication protocols
    * MQTT Broker
    * OPC Server

PLEASE NOTE: The Runtime will run for two hours and must be restarted again during your 30-day evaluation period.

The Engineering Environment will be enabled to edit projects for 30 days without time restrictions. After the 30-day evaluation period, your project will open but with limited access to the entire project (Project Information access granted).

The Runtime will not run after 30 days and if an additional access license is needed, please contact: Dave Hellyer.


If you want to learn more about our product, you can access: 
* Our online Docs (
* Our training Site (
* Our forum (

Once you download the .exe file, you’ll be able to open our software, with several different projects.

Two of them relate to the new 9.2 demo. This is a distributed project that showcases a EdgeGateway(fxEdgeCollector) project collecting and publishing data to a Historian, as well as an UI (fxAssetsMonitor) that dynamically detects data. Presented with a map view, it shows historic data as well as current data. You can learn more about this demo here.

You can also learn more about the other projects below: 

Process Plant

The Process Plant Demo shows you some of the features you can use in building your own Enterprise SCADA systems.


  • High Performance Graphics
  • Traditional Graphics
  • Animation and State
  • Alarms and Alarm History
  • Pop-Up Context Windows
  • Customizable Trend Charts
  • Reports
  • System & Project Info

What is OEE

The “What is OEE?” Demo is a multi-faceted project.

  • Teaches you what “OEE” is through examples. Move the given sliders to experiment and see the impact each component has in real-time
  • Contains an animated bottling line with simulator that you can control – impacting your OEE
  • Shows examples of various errors on a production line that can impact your OEE components – Availability, Performance, and Quality
  • See how easy reporting can be – such as how to include charts and data grids


  • Digital Twin Simulations
  • Interactive “What is OEE” tutorial
  • Multiple Menu options
  • Realistic Bottling equipment animation with simulator – change how the machine performs
  • Drive values and animations using in-project controls (for bottling line speed and errors, OEE math, and interactive sliders)
  • Example OEE Errors show off hover tool-tips
  • Pop-Up Simulator Window
  • Real-Time Reports and Charts

Andon & Discrete Production

The Andon & Discrete Production Demo showcases some of the features you can use in building a real-time Andon / Discrete Production system.


  • Animated Production Overview
  • Interactive Controls
  • Include ERP Data for Scrap Cost
  • Andon & KPI Dashboards
  • Efficient Alarm Management
  • Alarms & Alarm History
  • Maintenance Logbook
  • Multiple Menu Options
  • KPI, OEE, and Other Calculations

Assets & Alarm Monitoring

The Assets & Alarm Monitoring Demo showcases some of the features you might use in a global enterprise for monitoring remote plants and their assets and alarms.


  • Interactive Map Integration
  • Asset Trees & Templates
  • Network Diagnostics
  • KPI Dashboard Tiles
  • Plant Overview
  • Real-Time Performance Dashboard
  • Simulation Interface
  • 3D Interactive Images
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Context-Related Popups
  • Email, SMS, Voice Notifications
  • Alarms / History / Audit Information