Leverage your data, with custom corporate solutions

Extend access to real-time and historical data through the FactoryStudio native .NET connection with OSIsoft PI and PI AF servers.  Create state-of-the-art custom solutions/applications, combining data from your PI Server and any other data sources (Oracle, SQL, etc). Add custom .NET logic and rich real-time visualization running on desktop thin client and mobile..
Have your custom projects developed at a fraction of the time and cost.

Easily combine data from to OSIsoft PI, SQL and other data sources

Fully leverage the rapid development tools of FactoryStudio, creating custom applications for your corporate users, using the built-in connections to PI and SQL databases,  protocol drivers to PLCs, SNMP, custom logic in .NET languages, graphical designer and all FactoryStudio built-in modules.

Some of the built-in capabilities include:

  • Easily combine PI and SQL and online protocols in dynamic real-time displays, from dashboards to SCADA-HMI like displays.
  • Directly access via C# or VB.NET scripting PI tags, assets, attributes, SQL queries or calculated data employing Intellisense.
  • Powerful trend objects with multiple annotation capabilities: alarm events overlay, annotation by asset or by tag, time-range events, vertical and XY charts and much more.
  • Complete Alarm system with acknowledgement control, hierarchical groups and event notification.
  • Support for Tags, Templates, Categories, Descriptions, and tree structures created within PI AF.
  • Access PI AF definitions for application development and query PI Event Frame servers for batch analysis.
  • Create PI points, Assets and read-write data to the PI System or from/to PI AF from FactoryStudio applications
  • Direct real-time native integration with the PI System (requires PI System Access License PAL from OSIsoft)

Manage Network and User Security safely and easily

FactoryStudio provides a single point of connection to PI Servers and SQL databases, making it very easy to manage user security. The remote users don’t need to have a network connection to the PI servers, it can even reside in a different network security zones.

Some of the benefits of the architecture:

  • The FactoryStudio server has just one single-secure connection with the PI server. The application users can use Active-Directory, or LDAP, or WS-Federation for users defined at the FactoryStudio application level.
  • The queries for data from the users are centralized and cached at the FactoryStudio server for optimal performance.
  • The users are pure thin clients, no installation required at the client side.
  • Clients displays support .NET SmartClient for highly advanced solutions, HTML5, native iOS application, or web mobile.
  • Seamlessly add .NET libraries to the FactoryStudio application development platform and use that code in both server side and client side scripts.

Application case: situational awareness improving asset life-cycle

In this presentation, at the OSIsoft regional seminar in Houston, Texas, Mr. Kelly Sherrill from Apache Corporation, presented his experience implementing a new PI infrastructure and a full application created with FactoryStudio in just 3 weeks. The ESP application is presented at the 21:10 of the video and it was entirely created by FactoryStudio for use with OSIsoft. 
Presentation: Utilizing Apache’s new PI infrastructure to improve situational awareness and extend asset life .