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Action.NET is a SCADA software with unique features when compared with solutions used in the market for energy management. Over 20 years of Spin’s experience in the electrical market, with knowledge gained from over 300 SCADA systems deployed in industrial substations and generation, transmission and distribution companies, combined with Tatsoft’s decades of experience in real-time software, allowed the creation the ultimate tool for the energy industry, with the most modern elements and focusing on details that only the fieldwork can provide.

Tailor-made for the Energy Industry

  • Develop the basic SCADA HMI for a substation, with display, alarms and DNP 3.0 communication in less than 10 minutes. Watch video.
  • Create components associated to your normally used IEDs. IEDs manufacturers and consultants can, through components concept, define the best practices of using their IEDs. Methodology of Lean Automation and Components bring together the best practices for using IEDs, maintaining, transmitting and developing knowledge between companies and customers globally. Watch video.
  • Have a fault location, isolation, and service restoration algorithm (FLISR), based on artificial intelligence (AI), integrated in the SCADA/ADMS software. The FLISR can run stand-alone or integrated to a center of control of the utilities. Watch video.
  • Use the EPRI OpenDSS library integrated to the SCADA tolls (protocols and HMI), deploying ADMS application. Watch video.
  • Effective and efficient use of the precious energy resources that exist while leveraging new sources of energy.
  • Safely and securely engineer efficient, cost effective, energy delivery solutions; while adhering to, and reporting to, regulatory compliance agencies.
  • Manage energy consumption at all of your production facilities, transmission and distribution networks, and manufacturing facilities wherever they are located.
  • Reduce carbon-emissions and engineer process improvements directly into your entire enterprise infrastructure; supervise, control, respond to changes, and report on all events in real-time.

Learn How to Take Connectivity to the Next Level

The Accuracy your Industry needs
Energy management is a job of responsibility and accuracy. Action₀NET is a robust SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software, with a simple and clear manual to assist in the work of electrical automation, whether in generation, transmission or distribution.

Spend less on equipment
Action₀NET can also work in the modality Software as a Service (SaaS). This means that depending on the type of application, your company does not need to install it on machines or maintain a physical structure to hold the equipment.

Adaptable to your environment
The Action₀Net is a DotNet product, therefore is native 32 or 64 bits, depending on your hardware configuration. The code selection is made automatically, thus it is more efficientand and  robust, taking best advantage of the selected environment. 

Stay connected everywhere, with any device
Any authorized user can access any screen or SCADA report from a mobile device with iOS, Android and Windows technology. Managers and technicians have access to the system from their mobile devices, anywhere in the world with internet.

Lean Automation - 7 minutes substation

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