Tatsoft’s partner companies use FactoryStudio as a Development Platform,
creating new products and solutions for various industrial segments. 

Safe, Scalable and Profitable Systems

Partner companies use Tatsoft’s software components to create their own automation products addressing specific industry requirements, such as Production Line Monitoring and downtime cause analysis, Drilling Data Aggregation, SCADA for Power and Utilities, Andon displays, and others.

End-users and System Integrators are applying FactoryStudio in various industrial segments, in continuous process control, batch, discreet manufacturing, advanced machinery and situational awareness.

Partner Products

FactoryStudio offers a comprehensive software suite that includes all of the latest improvements in software technology and user interface in a streamlined and user friendly package, which can provided components for branded and products and solutions.

PlantIoT by INS3 allows you to design the most efficient and effective automation processes for your existing production lines as well as create and test new processes for existing or future factories or lines. The flexibility of PlantIoT allows you to increase effectiveness (increase quality control and efficient use of what you have) on the factory floor or across your supply chain. Effective processes mean better use of capital and infrastructure and higher profit margins. Design, test, control, report, improve – all are components of the automation approach.

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Acion.NET includes all templates, communication drivers and wizards for rapid development of SCADA solutions enabling Utility companies to meet the challenges of producing and delivering energy in a profitable manner. It enables your company to safely and securely, design and deploy applications that are cost effective, while adhering to, and reporting to, regulatory compliance agencies. Reduce carbon-emissions and engineer process improvements; supervise, control, respond to changes, and report on all events in real-time across all of your automated processes. 

Learn more about SCADA for Electrical Utilities.

Leverage your PI data with a custom corporate solution. FactoryStudio tools for use with OSIsoft empowering your team and integration suppliers to rapidly develop applications for enterprise deployment, combining OSIsoft PI, PI AF, SQL and multiple data sources, into a secure, client-server, graphically rich interface

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This solution enables manufactures to gain a competitive edge through cost-effective system designs and increased productivity. Typical applications include:

  • Advanced ANDON Visualization
  • Operation Dashboards
  • KPI & OEE Indicators
  • Plant Performance

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Multiple systems are involved in your facilities and all require the best design, alarm functionality, reporting, sensor monitoring, and remote machine management. With FactoryStudio you can securely control all your systems from a central or remote location. Use FactoryStudio to design and control all of your systems and sub-systems from any secure computer with proper user security credentials. 

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Tatsoft Rig Monitoring, Tatsoft RM, collects real-time data from Rigs, from on-shore or off-shore locations, connecting with your existing field EDR or directly with the Control Systems, providing a local interface at the Rig and replicating the data to central offices, where it manages the archiving to your long-term data storage.

Tatsoft provides a platform to integrate real-time analytics at the rig or central office, providing uniform source for the raw data, the results from the algorithms created by your own internal team or third-party providers, saved to long-term storage and presented using Tatsoft’s rich data visualization tools, built in an open rapid development platform.

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FactoryStudio empowers you to get your organization, your staff and your process and business systems to the next level, allowing End-Users and System Integrators to quickly deploy flexible and powerful custom projects. See how can we adapt to your specific industry:

Safety, efficiency, compliance, modification tracking with detailed auditing, accuracy – all of these important components of drug research and manufacturing can be designed into your company’s processes and controlled with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product, including the ability to create projects compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. 

Effective use of your machinery, resources and materials, with efficient and tested processes, will help you get your products to market quicker and increase your bottom line. Increase efficiency and save money; your entire network of systems and processes are accessible and controllable from any access-controlled local or remote workstation with FactoryStudio.  Reporting to regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, is also easy with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product’s comprehensive reporting functions, designed with the FDA reporting requirements as a guide. 

Design and control the most-cost effective and efficient automation processes with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio platform. Follow data from multiple inputs in real-time and customize your processes to respond to changing situations. Historize the data for further offline analysis using the FactoryStudio Historian capabilities.

The powerful reporting, alarm, and remote-control functions of FactoryStudio will allow you to easily design, run, and monitor the most complex systems.

Effective and comprehensive knowledge of your product, where it is in your network, its condition (e.g., temperature), and control of those automated systems that produce and deliver oil and gas are not only business and production matters; but issues of safety that can be the difference between life and death.

Use of FactoryStudio’s powerful analytical tools to design and test, in an elegant, user-friendly and scalable programming and viewing environment, all your existing configurations and any changes to same; all changes to any FactoryStudio automation system are tracked for audit ability and can be fully and accurately tested, with real-time data, prior to implementation. Securely monitor and control your automated systems so that you can increase your margin while also increasing safety with FactoryStudio.

Some of the companies that use or have used FactoryStudio in the Oil industry are:

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio platform, created and developed on the latest Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technologies, is the Enterprise Infrastructure for your Company to meet the challenges of producing and delivering the promise of renewable sources of energy in a profitable manner.

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product is the Enterprise Infrastructure that enables your company to safely and securely, engineer efficient, cost effective, energy delivery solutions; while adhering to, and reporting to, regulatory compliance agencies. Reduce carbon-emissions and engineer process improvements directly into your entire enterprise infrastructure; supervise, control, respond to changes, and report on all events in real-time across all of your automated processes. 

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio can be used to reliably monitor and control all the water in your network as well as all the sensors and equipments within your infrastructure.

Set remote sensors to alarm when flow is interrupted or report events beyond expected parameters; use the remote servicing capability of FactoryStudio to switch pumps and other components on or off manually or automatically, according to a set schedule or as a response to changing conditions within or outside ofyour network.

Use the powerful user interface, real-time and historical data monitoring, reporting, as well as the event and alarm notification technology in FactoryStudio to ensure that your water is where it is supposed to be, when it is expected to be there.

Make your production lines and your final product(s) compliant with FDA and international standards easily with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio product and its built-in audit and tracking capabilities.

Control all of your lines and processes in real-time easily and securely. Increased control over design and implementation of your automated processes makes you more efficient and profitable and will position you ahead of the competition.

Effective and efficient use of Electric Energy is the promise of the Smart Grid; FactoryStudio’s Enterprise Infrastructure, including its “in the Cloud” Remote Engineering capability will provide a Utility with the infrastructure and tools it needs at the generation source, the transmission substations, the distribution substations, the dashboards and associated KPI’s to operate and manage a Smart Grid infrastructure in a highly competitive market.

FactoryStudio’s powerful and easy-to-use suite of control and monitoring applications, as well as its distributed engineering and software development environment will enable a Utility to manage energy at all of its production facilities, transmission and distribution networks, and manufacturing facilities wherever they are located.