FrameworX and FactoryStudio 9.2

October 14th Webcast - Q&A Responses

 I have a machine with non-standard driver, but I could implement driver myself. How could I connect it to FrameworX?
We have our own tool for driver development, called Driver Toolkit, that helps you to create and use drivers as you need if they are not native! Also, Tatsoft can develop specific drivers for you and would be glad to discuss specifics.

Integration to Docker for Linux and Java?
We are working on the integration for dockers on Linux, using Mono Framework, that simulates a .NET Framework on your Linux box!

How can we develop or connect to new providers?
For now we will have MQTT, Canary, OPCUA, FrameworX and ControlLogix as TagProviders, but discussions can guide us into the direction of new Providers as needed!

Does the Tag Provider functionality recreate the same asset structure in the Canary historian?
Yes! We can replicate the asset structure of any TagProvider!

Is the edge example using Canary for store and forward on the edge device?
Yes! We use store and forward on the edge application to make sure that data won’t be lost even in a case of connection lost!

Can data be sent from the edge to the Cloud like Azure & AWS?
Yes, once the data comes from Edge and is in FrameworX, you can forward it to anywhere, like devices (using our drivers), Databases or even other TagProviders

I am new to this product. Can the FrameworX poll Modbus natively?
Absolutely!!!!! Welcome to FrameworX

Is the dynamic connection update – immediate or one defines an update trigger?
It’s done automatically! Once you have new structures being published to your brokers, our Tag provider replicates them instantly in the new structures!

How can I download a demo not in exe but in a docker container?
We have documentation on Dockers for Windows, and we are working on the Linux now!

Will 9.2 install alongside 9.1 (like FS8 -> FS9) or over (like FS9.1.14 -> FS9.1.15)?
It will be installed alongside!

Once you use Canary the historian, does all the Historian functionalities like trends work as they do today for SQL?
Yes, you can leverage all of our tools, like trends, scripts, displays, etc.

Is it possible to use TagProvider to communicate between FactoryStudio projects?
Yes, that’s a provider we call TDataAccess – it’s FrameworX to FrameworX communication.