Unlimited by design, tailored to lower cost when necessary

FactoryStudio is designed for unlimited connectivity for realtime data-acquisition, with simple server license that support unlimited client stations, unlimited tags and and unlimited project designers.

Tatsoft provides the option for a yearly subscription, or to acquire perpetual licenses. The annual subscription, at a fraction of the cost of buying the licenses, includes Premium Support and Maintenance in a managed services model. See FactoryStudio pricing for details.

In order to provide the perfect fit for all sizes of projects, including small and cost-sensitive ones, FactoryStudio has server licenses with limited communication points and client connections. All the modules and all the functionality of the full FactoryStudio platform are included in the smaller systems. Models range from 150 communication points and 3 users, up to unlimited field connections and unlimited users.

Tatsoft EdgeHMI and Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway products, with low-cost and easy deployment, enable powerful local HMI on your machines, and reliable  Data-Acquisition at you network Edge. Learn more about Tatsoft EdgeHMI and Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway


Tags versus Communication Points

For smaller projects, FactoryStudio allows licensing by communication points, instead of tags. In our system, a tag can be a calculated value, data from a SQL database, a temporary input from a display, or any variable that is not directly connected to a PLC register or a field device. By making the licensing a  function of only the communication points, allowing unlimited tags, Tatsoft’s model is much more fair and easier to consume.

Unrestricted Performance

FactoryStudio was created with 100%  .NET code, meaning it leverages the 64-bit architecture, multi-core CPUs, parallel code execution, vector graphics, high speed communication,  and all the benefits of the most current and up-to-date hardware platforms. For your servers with unlimited clients, you can expand your hardware as needed and FactoryStudio will insure it is put to optimum use.