Fully Embrace the Industrial Internet of Things

Tatsoft EdgeHMI and IIoT-Gateway were created from ground-up with new up-to-date technologies that fully embrace the Industrial Internet of Things, making them ideal for edge HMI, real-time analytics and data acquisition. 

Tatsoft EdgeHMI

Local HMI and Real-time Analytics

Data Acquisition and publishing to central server

Alarms and Event notification
Any Device

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway

Data Acquisition and publishing to central server

Local data logging for store-and-forward 

Data scaling and calculated channels.

Any Network

More Devices

Common development platform for both Windows and Linux. Use your design and your powerful development tools on the Windows PC, creating a project that can be deployed to run on any remote HMI Panel or embedded platform running Linux or Windows.

More Efficiency

Reduce latency for critical applications, lower dependence on the cloud, and better manage the massive deluge of data being generated by the IIoT, analyzing and filtering data before sending.


More Intelligence

Access and analyze device data in real-time, gaining valuable new insights into your process. EdgeHMI and IIoT-Gateway have extensive script support, with access to the Microsoft.NET class library, and robust security for data connections and tag-based security.

Size and budget to fit your needs

EdgeHMI and IIoT-Gateway models are designed to provide full functionality, while keeping costs low, connectivity to real-world I/O starting with quantities as low up to 150 points, and scaling up as needed.

Local HMI at the Edge

Tatsoft EdgeHMI has all the functionality required on embedded PC applications, HMI Panels, Machine Builder, OEM systems, data acquisition and visualization at the edge of the network. While providing local and remote visualization, EdgeHMI goes beyond! 

It collects Historical data, stores and forwards data to central server, processes Alarms and sends Events, runs local logic or analytics and data exchange with external databases. OPC and 40+ native protocol drivers are included at no extra cost. Built-in VB.NET script editor, with access to the full extent of Microsoft.NET framework class library, allows algorithms to be executed in real-time, providing local data filtering and analytics in the field. Vector-drawing tools with an extensive symbol library enables the creation of ultimate graphical interfaces.

Tatsoft EdgeHMI is the most flexible and powerful platform o deliver embedded solutions.

Data Acquisition, Data Gateway and Analytics

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway runs any of the 40+ built-in protocol drivers built-in at no charge in FactoryStudio, including modbus, MQTT, PLC protocols and SNMP. You can use many protocols in the same system. It is also compatible with drivers provided as add-on products.

Mathematical expressions are performed in real-time on the data stream, supporting scaling, conditional statements, event triggers, conditioning data and the creation of new calculated Tags. Store and Forward capabilities ensure that data collected during a disconnection from the central repository will be stored locally until the connection is re-established, at which point Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway will forward it on. 

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway is the most effective tool for smart data collection.


Tatsoft EdgeHMI Machine Edition, Runtime for 500 communication points, is priced at US$ 960.  Contact us for pricing of models ranging from 150 communication points up to 2500 communication points. 

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway Machine, for 500 comm. points, is priced at  US$ 480. Contact us for pricing of models ranging from 150 communication points up to 2500 communication points.