SCADA and beyond

FactoryStudio has the full spectrum of expected SCADA functionality and goes beyond, extending the real-time database concept towards IT systems, including an advanced object model, all with a tight connection with .NET, helping you to apply the platform to create applications for a wide range of scenarios.

Operations Center and real-ime data acquisition

Typical applications are SCADA Systems, advanced HMI visualization, plant Information Management System (PIMS), Historian and Manufacturing Intelligence (MI), Operational Dashboards, Situational awareness, KPI and OEE indicators, Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)  and performance monitoring.

Performance Monitoring and Manufacturing Inteligence

The ability to create a presentation layer that is source independent and cloud-ready, the support for automation protocols and IT network management protocols, the .NET integration, all make FactoryStudio an excellent tool to create operational dashboards.

Deployment Architectures

FactorySudio can be deployed in embedded computer, stand-alone server, distributed processing, asset monitoring systems and various network and data flow topologies.   

Data Aggregation

FactoryStudio is the perfect platform to collect data from multiple locations and move it to a centralized location. Hundreds to thousands of distributed FactoryStudio nodes, provide the process data acquisition, and publish data to a cloud server, or to the corporate office. See as examples the EDR (Electronic Drilling Records)  and at the Asset Monitoring solutions.


HMI, Embedded and OEMs

FactoryStudio has a wide range of built-in PLC protocols and a special version for HMI embedded systems. The version control system, small footprint and remote access make FactoryStudio the best choice for machine builders and other OEMs.

SQL and PI Systems Front-end

FactoryStudio has many features to manage SQL Databases queries in real-time. It also has SDK-level data synchronization with OSIsoft PI System and PI AF. That makes it the number one platform when you need to create custom dynamic graphics and front-end custom user interfaces to those systems.

Operational Stability

The 100% managed code implementation provides unmatched operational stability, thanks to an intrinsically safe software architecture, including execution threads isolation, exception control, failure recovery, modular implementation, hardware abstraction and operating system independence.

Redundancy and High Availability

For high availability systems, the real-time database, Alarm and Historian servers, data- acquisition, all FactoryStudio components can be deployed as a redundant hot-standby system, with no project changes required