A New Product for a New Age

FactoryStudio is the most flexible framework on the market to create real-time applications, with unlimited tags and clients licensing option, complete functionality, entry level versions that includes all modules, dozens of built-in native protocols drivers to PLC’s and support for the latest industry security standards. 
Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio was designed for Industry 4.0, with rapid development tools for real-time data modeling, data logging, audit trail, distributed security, gateway to SQL databases, SCADA high-performance smart displays, zero install on client side, 2 minutes’ install on server side, centralized symbols libraries, HTML5 dashboards, WPF drawing tools, iOS apps, alarms and events, trends and annotations, C# and VB.Net extensions and more.

New Generation Tools

The Project Management interfaces, from Project Selection to Module configuration, are setting a new industry standard. This is a new generation, not just peripheral enhancements.

State-of-the-art Interface

FactoryStudio maximizes the features of the .NET Framework while adding significant features that allow you total control over the design and deployment of applications, the user experience and security procedures.

Stability and Security

Tatsoft worked to create the concept of “intrinsically-safe-software”, where, even in the case of a component failure, the overall system is intrinsically protected and does have its execution affected.

From Factory-Floor to IOT

FactoryStudio enables you to deploy high quality and cost-effective systems, ranging from local HMI, touch-panels, embedded systems, to supervisory stations, SCADA and distributed systems, control room and operations centers.

Ready for Cloud

Tatsoft created a distributed, multi-threaded development platform, architected to use in different scenarios and topologies, from a local interface on an embedded panel to fault-tolerant servers, serving multiple projects and clients.

Economically Beneficial

Tatsoft not only made it simple to upgrade projects, but also make it simple to leverage the same solution for many years, creating a platform highly independent of the hardware, making FactoryStudio a good long-term investment.

Flexible, Complete, Unlimited

Flexible License

FactoryStudio offers the most complete and flexible set of licensing options in the market: 

Unlimited tags and unlimited clients for large applications.

– Lower cost, communication points based license, for small systems, but including all the modules from the high-end systems, with no need to buy extra modules or communication protocols.

– The licenses can be perpetual or by subscription.

Learn more about licensing options.

All Modules Included

FactoryStudio® from Tatsoft® provides an integrated suite of built-in modules and with all functionality you need, no more analyzing and buying optional modules. All modules you need in your project are always included. 

Dozens of communication protocols, Database Access, Alarms and event notification, data-logging, trends, mobile, Thin and web clients, security, audit-trail, asset tree, scripts, reporting and data access API, redundancy, deployment and testing tools. All in a simple integrated configuration tool.

See all our modules here.

Communication Interfaces

Tatsoft supports the OPC initiative and FactoryStudio is OPC Server and Client, for both DA and UA standards. At the same time, there are various benefits in having the native PLC and instrumentation protocols native in the software, such as lower cost, quicker development, enhanced performance and easier testing. 

Therefore, Tatsoft’s policy is to continuously develop and add, at no extra cost, native protocols to the platform. Extension Toolkit  allows partners to create and sell additional drivers. 

Communication Drivers list.