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FactoryStudio was designed to be a System Integrators software of choice for delivering cost-effective, flexible, reliable and secure real-time applications. FactoryStudio is a modern software platform that brings together Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL, IT and OT technologies, configurable and programmable.
As a Tatsoft Systems Integrator, you have the opportunity to differentiate your company by offering solutions based on one platform designed for IIoT and Industry 4.0. You can rest assured you and your customers are backed by full technical, marketing and commercial support. Tatsoft and FactoryStudio are a solid foundation for your continued business growth. By aligning yourself with modern technology, your customers will continue to recognize you as their trusted advisor, consistently researching the market for the best solutions for them.

Tatsoft Program for System Integrators and VARs

As FactoryStudio is the most flexible platform available today, advanced engineering and customization services are key and essential. For that reason, Tatsoft has a set of benefits and tools to enable your company to join the team providing Engineering  Services, Consulting, Training and Project Development for the steadily growing customer base. 

Systems Integrator and Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) program benefits include:

Development System and Technical support

One FactoryStudio development platform, for in-house use, with standard technical support. On-line Helpdesk and opportunities to participate in training sessions.

Sell Plug-ins and Components to our Users

Have access to our toolkits to create symbols, Components, Plug-Ins that can be distributed to our users to promote your company and capabilities or sell in the partner marketplace.

No Upfront Costs

You can register for the program and start collecting benefits immediately- no up-front costs. As you learn the system, more options to increase market access become available.

Listing on Website and Marketing Campaigns

After registration, you’ll have access to Tatsoft marketing and technical information. Upon completion of certification and verification you are entitled to be listed on our web site and invited to participate in marketing opportunities.


We acknowledge the need of a System Integrator do work with multiple platforms. Further, we want to grow our business with you by providing the best platform, not locking you in to unrealistic expectations.

Access to Extended Product Models and Prices

In addition to the prices in the web site, Tatsoft has more levels of pricing on the product line for specific projects, as a SI partner you have access to this.

Discounts and Incentives

Registered integrators have discounts on training. Upon completion of certification, more training benefits, access to updates and pre-releases, as well as discounts on the products.

Marketing Partnership Opportunities

Work with Tatsoft to promote systems and applications you’ve created with FactoryStudio through Case Studies, Posts on Social Media, promotion in related industries and territories. Collaborate on industry associations, trade shows, and conferences.

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