Unlimited by design, lower-cost when needed.

Learn about our perpetual licenses here. You can also contact us to learn about our yearly subscription plans. 

SCADA and Monitoring



15000 comm. points
25 Client Stations

All modules included




Unlimited comm. points
Unlimited Client Stations

All modules included

Fault-tolerant servers



Unlimited and
License for two Servers

All modules included

All features included in all versions:

Unlimited Tags
40+ PLC Protocol drivers
OPC Server and Client
Security System
C# and VB.NET scripts

Databases data exchange
Embedded SQL
Alarms and Notifications
E-mail, SMS and Voice Alerts

Trend and Annotations
Tag Historian
Symbol Factory and Smart Symbols
Web and .NET Displays
Mobile and iOS app

Additional Pricing Options

Didn’t find exactly the model for your system?
More options:

  • We have models for 150 communication points, 300, 500, 1500 and 5000, with full features and all modules included. 
  • For Network Edge, Panel HMIs and data-acquisition, contact us about the FactoryStudio EdgeHMI and IIoT-Gateway.
  • Runtime licenses allow the execution of FactoryStudio projects at a reduced cost, by deploying execution-only licenses.
  • For custom projects,  select communication points and clients that meet your exact project requirements.
  • For projects using DNP 3.0, or OSIsoft PI, check the options provided by partners at he Plug-ins and Extensions page.

Support and Maintenance

Yearly Subscription: software maintenance and premium support is included when using the licenses with a yearly subscription. Upgrade from Subscription to perpetual is available anytime.

Perpetual licenses: 15% for Standard Support and Maintenance. 20% for Premium Support and Maintenance. Multi-year agreements available.

Global Enterprise Agreement: End-users with multiple locations, or multiple FactorySudio installation at each site can apply for an enterprise level agreement with us, for lowers costs and easier management

OEMs and volume discounts: Machine builders and OEMs have custom support agreements for the runtime licenses deployed.

Tags and Communication Points

Distinction between Tag and Communication Point

  • Tags in FactoryStudio are any process variable in your project. Calculated values, temporary tags for graphical animation and user interface, data to and from SQL databases, analytics data model, and values for report data aggregation. Tags in FactorySudio aren’t restricted by licensing, only by built-in software protections for the execution environment. Learn more about Tags in the FactoryStudio product documentation.
  • A Communication Point is specifically a Tag that is mapped to read, or write, to a PLC register or external I/O. Essentially communication point is the quantity of data you are mapping from your communication protocols.  Learn about Communication with field devices in the FactoryStudio User Guide.

Protocols included in all models

Communication protocols and OPC Support

Tatsoft’s policy is to support the OPC Foundation standards, as well include the most used PLC and industrial protocols natively within the product. Protocols created in-house by Tatsoft are included  at no additional cost. Protocols created in partnership with other companies are listed in the Extension and Plug-ins section. 

If you need a protocol that is not listed in this section contact Tatsoft, we are continuously adding new protocol interfaces. Please  let us know your needs.

The following protocols and communication drivers are included in the current FactoryStudio release, at no extra charge.

  • Allen-Bradley Rockwell – MicroLogix family

  • Allen-Bradley Rockwell – ControlLogix/CompactLogix families
  • Allen-Bradley Rockwell – Serial Micrologix
Allen-Bradley Rockwell – PLC5/SLC devices

  • ASCII – Generic ASCII Master Protocol

  • Automation Direct – Koyo devices

  • Barcode Reader ASCII protocol – RS232 and TCP/IP
  • Bailey DCS serial communication protocol

  • Beckhoff – TwinCAT PLC/IO devices

  • Bosch Rexroth – IndraControl devices using EtherNet/IP Adapter

  • CTC Binary Protocol 5300 model – TCP/IP

  • Cincinnati Test Systems – Sentinel I28 devices

  • Desoutter – CVIC II devices

  • Emerson – Wireless Hart devices HartIP protocol

  • Fatek FBs PLCs – Facon protocol – TCP/IP and RS232

  • GE Fanuc – Ethernet using SRTP protocol

  • Mitsubishi Melsec – FX (MelsecQ 1E Frame)

  • Mitsubishi – Q Series devices

  • Modbus Master – TCP/IP and RS232 devices
  • Modbus Slave – TCP/IP and RS232 devices
MQTT – Message Queuing Telemetry Transport

  • National Instruments Data Sockets – Labview

  • Omron Master using FINS Commands- UDP and RS232

  • Omron Master – READ ONLY – using FINS Commands- UDP and RS232

  • OPCHDA – OPC HDA Client

  • OPCUA – OPC UA Client

  • OPCUA – OPC UA Server

  • OPCXmlDA – OPC Xml/DA Client
OPCXmlDA – OPC XmlDA Server
  • Ping – IT Infrastructure

  • Raspberry PI GPIO
Schneider-Electric – UnityPro – PLC’s Quantum, Momentum M340 and M580

  • Server to Server Communication

  • Siemens/TI505 – Siemens Simatic/TI505 devices

  • SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol

  • System Monitor – Local computer

  • UDP Tag data exchange protocol

Tatsoft EdgeHMI

Tatsoft EdgeHMI is designed for local HMIs and Panel or embedded PC applications with one local and one remote display. It includes alarms, data logging, Database and SQL connections, single-thread .NET scripting, security system and the FactorySudio communication protocols It includes capability to store and forward data to centralized FactoryStudio or SQL data servers.

Pricing: EdgeHMI Machine Runtime, for 500 comm. points, is priced at US$ 960.  Contact us for pricing of models ranging from 150 communication points up to 5000 communication points. 

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway

Tatsoft IIoT-Gateway runs any FactoryStudio Communication driver and .NET math expressions, acting as a remote data collector for the centralized server. It stores the local data in an embedded SQL database, so its capable to store and forward data to central Database or FactoryStudio servers. Runtime are available for both Windows and Linux versions. 

Pricing: IIoT-Gateway Machine, for 500 comm. points, is priced at  US$ 480. Contact us for pricing of models ranging from 150 communication points up to 5000 communication points.