Intuitive, Innovative and Integrated configuration

FactoryStudio has a friendly and collaborative multi-user and multi-project engineering environment which allows editing and running multiple projects simultaneously. All modules, from tag editing, to display designer and scripting are all combined in a simple unified user interface.

Complete Set of Modules

FactoryStudio® from Tatsoft® provides an integrated suite of built-in modules, components and functionality to enable the secure and efficient deployment of Data Acquisition, Real-time Data Monitoring and Supervisory Control with Advanced Visualization.

The built-in FactoryStudio® functionality includes:

Real-Time Tags

Tags, Assets and Templates are not only the start of the Tatsoft company name, they are also the core components of the real-time data models and the power of FactoryStudio. The FactoryStudio system has a built-in real-time, event-driven, in-memory database, that manages the tags, assets and events in the application.
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Scripts and .NET

Inside the FactoryStudio® script editor you you create both C# and VB.NET scripts. The 100% .NET managed code makes FactoryStudio "intrinsically safe", providing protection from execution errors. Intellisense enables direct access to your project objects, including Tags, Alarms, Databases and Communication Nodes. More Technical Information

Devices and Communications Interfaces

Besides OPC DA, FactoryStudio® also supports custom communication drivers to directly access data from PLCs, Remote IO, Fieldbus standards, single and multi-loops, scanners, bar-codes, RFID devices and digital displays.
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Graphical Dynamic Displays

The Built-in Graphics Editor of FactoryStudio® allows for the easy creation of rich user interfaces with real-time mapping to process values and tags; a very rich and powerful complete set of dynamic animations is also included. The displays provide resolution independence, isolation from the code, extensibility, and deployment to desktop thin clients, web and mobile clients.
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Tools for Diagnostics and Comissioning

Tools to show the status of running modules, log errors, warnings and user defined messages, access runtime values and properties, enter simulated values, run in Test protect mode. Includes all that is necessary to accelerate the development, assist on startup and isolate and diagnose any operational incident.
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Trend and Historian

Create historian files on external databases, like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, or use the built-in Tatsoft® SQL Database. Save the data based on data change or group triggers and have an exclusive time-span that allows the creation of more compact databases. Advanced visualization and annotation features.
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Databases and SQL

The Dataset Module provides an easy-to-use interface to exchange data in real-time with external Databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, PI, Firebird, etc), XML, CSV or text files and access SQL queries and tables. Native SQL is also provided with FactoryStudio installation.
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Reporting and Data Access

We support Web-Services, XML and other data-exchange interfaces to provide data for external reporting tools. In contrast with other packages where the reports are necessarily created in another tool, FactoryStudio has its own built-in Report Editor as well.
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Alarms, Alerts and Notification

Multiple alarm levels for each tag can be defined and a whole range of behaviors, such as logging, acknowledgement, displaying, etc. is pre-packaged to simplify the configuration, and you can send notifications by email, SMS or voice. The Alarm Module, and the Security Tools provide one all the tools necessary to create FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant applications.
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Security, Hot-swapping and Redundancy

Dynamically change the project configuration, without stopping the runtime execution. Make projects ready for redundancy deployment with a check-box configuration. Automatically log project configuration changes, and manage project and product versions seamlessly.
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Ease of management of projects and improved security, with the project saved in one single database file.

Smart Tag Editing: rename any object anytime, cross-reference shows where each object is used, intellisense provides quick info and auto-complete.

Easy integration with Excel, CSV and .NET for automated project configuration and display generation.

Vector graphics delivers Resolution independent applications, high-performance WPF displays, HTML5 and iOS clients can be provided from the same project server.