FactoryStudio 8.1

A Platform for SCADA and beyond

Tatsoft LLC brings a new open platform to SCADA, IIoT and real-time system developers by releasing FactoryStudio 8.1, the latest version of its .NET-to-the-core rapid application development platform. Tatsoft challenges suppliers of legacy systems by presenting FactoryStudio as the most viable and modern alternative to extend or replace current automation systems.

Flexible Licensing, with Unlimited Options

Tatsoft now offers FactoryStudio in a Subscription model! Instead of purchasing the software outright, customers can save money up front by subscribing to the use of FactoryStudio. When customers elect to subscribe, Standard Technical Support and Software Maintenance is included and the option to upgrade to perpetual licenses is always available. Licenses range from smaller systems up to unlimited tags and unlimited clients.

Tatsoft at the Edge

To meet the ever-growing need for IIoT applications, Tatsoft also introduces EdgeHMI and IIoT Gateway: Tatsoft EdgeHMI is designed for local HMIs and Panel or embedded PC applications with one local and one remote display, while the IIoT-Gateway runs on any FactoryStudio Communication driver and .NET math expressions, acting as a remote data collector for the centralized server.

More Features than Ever Before

Share components across multiple projects

Helping to create and maintain corporate standards, now when you have developed objects or subsystems to use are share in various projects. You can save the selected elements to share, such as symbols, scripts, alarms, displays, in a single entity as a Component that is shared across multiples projects in the network, or as an Integrator, you can publish it on the Web for new potential end-users. Plug-ins are components marked as read-only while inside the project, they can be upgraded interpedently and the developer can elect which parts are protected for visualization, such as scripts protecting Intellectual Property. Collaboration tools allow multiple concurrent engineers doing design in the same project in any FactoryStudio server.

Mobile, Web and Process Control Displays from unified development

FactoryStudio graphical symbols can be concurrently deployed in various client technologies out from the same server. The .NET Smart Client delivers performance and security beyond web can achieve for Process Control stations, HTML5 displays provides cross-compatibility to any kind of device form-factor or operating systems, including Android devices. Native iOS app allows leverage all feature of high-end iPhone and iPad devices.

Project Development Acceleration tools

A new tool introduced in FactoryStudio 8.1 is an Import Utility for Wonderware Intouch ((tm), which will import the Tag, Alarm and I/O mapping from Wonderware Intouchâ„¢ projects into your FactoryStudio project. Tag importing tools also available to various PLC databases. CSV import and .NET programming APIs allows the generation of the project configuration from excel tables or programmatically. The ability to Auto-Generate displays from .CSV and Excel files expedite the display development process and help maintain corporate standards

Designer enhancements

FactoryStudio unified designer and drawing tool deliver displays using .NET, HTML5 and iOS standards, with a dynamic symbol library shared across the various platforms. The symbol library includes the latest SymbolFactory library, enhanced by hundreds of symbols specifically designed for FactoryStudio. The TreeView visualization of the drawing elements allows easy access to objects in displays using multiple layers or high information density.

User Security Integration tools

Active Directory integration, LDAP security protocols, or Application Level security can be used in any project, on desktop or mobile users. The same server allows users from different security domains to access the same project following their specific authentication rules. Network connections, application built-in audit trail, e-sign, and session control allows the creation of applications that meet the requirements of NERC cyber-security requirements and compliance with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.

Trend Annotations

Annotations on Trend Charts are a very helpful way of providing additional important information at a point in time for data being collected. Annotations are stored in a database and are there to be presented on when data is recalled in a Trend chart. Annotations fall under four types:
1) Automatically added based on Tag Alarms
2) Based on specific point in time and Tag
3) Based on a specific point in time, but is global to the system or Asset
4) Applicable to a range of Events and have a duration but are global to the system or Asset.

Tag Categories and Asset Level

Adding to the rapid application develop capabilities in FactoryStudio, defining Tag Categories is a way to link default graphical symbols to Tags. By simply copying the Tag and pasting it into a graphic screen in the Draw tool, instead of the Tag being pasted, the Symbol it is linked to will be pasted with all of the correlated Tag properties assigned. This saves a tremendous amount of development time.

New Graphical components

New Graphical component allows easy integration with ESRI (tm) maps, or any other map provider, such as Google, Bing Maps, Cloud made, Open Cycle, WikiMapia or Yahoo Maps. PDF Visualization and reporting tools allow the generation and visualization of runtime reports created at the client station.

Developer environment in several languages

For the growing community of international customers, Tatsoft has included localization of the configuration tools. With a click of your mouse, you can now be configuring your project in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or Mandarin.