Tatsoft startup had the support of the Microsoft BizSpark program. This program was a great way of getting the technical and marketing first steps in place quickly. Currently, Microsoft .NET framework is one the main technologies supported by Tatsoft.


Tatsoft is member of the OSIsoft(r) partners channel program. Together our engineers developed out-of-the-box connectivity to PI Asset Framework, PI Event Frame, and other OSIsoft servers and exposing that data within the Microsoft .NET environment.


Tatsoft is a member of the CSIA, Control Systems Integrators Association. Through sponsoring keynote speakers and exhibiting during the Partners Expo Tatsoft has established working relationships with many integrator partners resulting in greater success and value for our customers.

OPC Foundation

Tatsoft is a member of the OPC Foundation, which creates and maintains standards for open connectivity of industrial automation devices and systems. The OPC standards specify the communication of industrial process data, alarms and events, historical data and batch process data between sensors, instruments, controllers, software systems, and notification devices.

Apple Store

Tatsoft SCADA HMI Client app is available at the Apple Store. For the richest experience for iOS device users, Tatsoft developed the native iOS solution to meet todays’ toughest demands. Using this unique app lets you tie into resources and knowledge you don’t get from browser-based, terminal session, or remote desktop.

National Association of Electrical Distributors

As a member, Tatsoft participates in regional conferences to meet with and network with some of the largest distributors with automation products to develop relationships and opportunities to better serve our customers.

American Water Works Association

Through the American Water Works Association, Tatsoft is growing its’ network of professionals designing, building, operating and maintaining todays’ Water and Wastewater treatment plants. Working together to design more secure, stable and reliable systems requiring flexibility to address access and environmental needs.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association

Tatsoft joined the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association to better introduce FactoryStudio to the very strong Cheese market throughout the Midwest. Attending and exhibiting their conferences has created opportunities with machine builders servicing the Dairy industries.