Tatsoft Trademarks Notice

Revised May 1, 2016

Current Tatsoft trademarks, registered trademarks and in use marks and tag lines are listed here. Tatsoft products and service names cannot generally be abbreviated.

If a name or logo is not listed here, this does not constitute a waiver of any intellectual property rights that Tatsoft has reserved, or may reserve.

Trademark Description
Tatsoft Software
FactoryStudio Software
Engineering on the Cloud Software and Service
Engineering in the Cloud Software and Service
Production Line Cloud Software and Service
Plant Supervision Cloud Software and Service
Enterprise Connection Cloud Software and Service
Cloud Workgroup Software and Service
FactoryStudio Express Software family
FactoryStudio HMI Software family
FactoryStudio Enterprise Software family
FactoryStudio Standard Software family
FactoryStudio OPC Server Software family
FactoryStudio Student Software family
FactoryStudio Device Toolkit Software
FactoryStudio Module Toolkit Software
FactoryStudio Smart Drivers Software
Redundancy to the Core Software
Premium Subscription Product updates and support service
Platinum Subscription Product updates and support service
Visualizer web demo Software demonstration tool
Manager Web Demo Software demonstration tool
Tatsoft Logo Logo
FactoryStudio Logo Logo
FactoryStudio Panel Software model
FactoryStudio Machine Software model
FactoryStudio Line Software model
FactoryStudio Workstation Software model
FactoryStudio Plant Software model
FactoryStudio Server Software model
FactoryStudio Unlimited Software model
Engineering on the Cloud Tag line
Engineering in the Cloud Tag line
Real-time Runtime Objects Tag line
Hot Runtime Switch Tag line
Cloud Engineering Tag line
No Legacy-Code Tag line
Tatsoft Academic Kits Tag line
Tatsoft OEM Kit Tag line
Getting Data, Delivering Information Tag line
Get Data, Deliver Information Tag line