Accurate monitoring of the storage, transmission, and distribution of water at water treatment facilities can involve massive networks of piping, monitors, linked facilities and sub-stations. Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product can be used to reliably monitor and control all the water in your network as well as all the sensors and equipment in your infrastructure.

Use the powerful user interface, real-time and historical data monitoring, reporting, as well as the event and alarm notification technology in FactoryStudio to ensure that your water is where it is supposed to be when it is expected to be there.

Set remote sensors to alarm when flow is interrupted or report events beyond expected parameters; use the remote servicing capability of FactoryStudio to switch pumps and other components on or off manually or automatically, according to a set schedule or as a response to changing conditions within or outside your network.

As circumstances outside the network can quickly affect optimal functioning and performance of your systems and “Normal” lights can rapidly change to “Emergency”, use FactoryStudio to monitor conditions external to your system that may impact operations within it.

FactoryStudio’s comprehensive suite of automation system design, testing, implementation, monitoring, and response tools allows you to control your network and take swift action either manually (due to changing circumstances) or automatically (via system responses to monitored sensors linked with FactoryStudio and your equipment).

FactoryStudio provides insurance and control, giving you powerful front end design tools and full control, monitoring, reporting, and response functionality across the network. The state-of-the art User Interface with its Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Graphics Editor allows you to build highly intuitive operations displays of the next generation that improve operations while but just as importantly will enable an operator to respond quickly and correctly to disturbing events.


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