Accuracy is crucial; failure is not an option during exploration, drilling, manufacture or transport. There is little or no margin for error. Effective and comprehensive knowledge of your product, where it is in your network, its condition (e.g., temperature), and control of those automated systems that produce and deliver oil and gas are not only business and production matters; but issues of safety that can be the difference between life and death.

Safety goes hand in hand with efficiency. Use of FactoryStudio’s powerful analytical tools to design and test, in an elegant, user-friendly and scalable programming and viewing environment, all your existing configurations and any changes to same; all changes to any FactoryStudio automation system are tracked for audit ability and can be fully and accurately tested, with real-time data, prior to implementation. Securely monitor and control your automated systems so that you can increase your margin while also increasing safety with FactoryStudio.

FactoryStudio is highly flexible and scalable and can provide you with all the data/information you require (in design/planning and in operations) that will help to minimize errors and problems, while increasing productivity and profits. The state-of-the art User Interface with its Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Graphics Editor allows you to build highly intuitive operations displays of the next generation that improve operations while but just as importantly will enable an operator to respond quickly and correctly to disturbing events

The size of your operation does not matter – large or small Oil & Gas production, transmission, distribution, and transportation networks can all benefit from the FactoryStudio Product from Tatsoft.


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