Design and control the most cost effective and efficient automation processes with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product. Follow data from multiple inputs in real-time and customize your processes to respond to changing situations. Historize the data for further offline analyses using the FactoryStudio Historian capabilities.

The powerful reporting, alarm, and remote control functions of FactoryStudio will allow you to easily design, run, and monitor the most complex systems. Vigorous pre-implementation testing, with real-time data, allows for the measuring of effectiveness prior to “going live”.

Your entire network of systems and processes are accessible, monitor able and controllable from any access-controlled local or remote workstation with FactoryStudio. Security, efficiency, reporting, monitoring, and the most effective design environment available make FactoryStudio; created and developed on the latest Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphic technologies, your first choice in process automation design and implementation.

FactoryStudio has been deployed by IT Manufacturing professionals in several Manufacturing Systems worldwide.


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