Efficient and cost effective generation and delivery of energy has never been more important than it is in the World we live in today and for our children tomorrow. Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product created and developed on the latest Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technologies is the Enterprise Infrastructure for your Company to meet the challenges of producing and delivering the promise of Renewable sources of energy in a profitable manner. Effective and efficient use of the precious energy resources that exist while leveraging new sources of energy will give the energy company that can engineer streamlined processes an important edge over the competition; FactoryStudio, turning data into actionable information in real-time, will provide that competitive edge.

Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product is the Enterprise Infrastructure that enables your company to safely and securely, engineer efficient, cost effective, energy delivery solutions; while adhering to, and reporting to, regulatory compliance agencies.

FactoryStudio’s powerful and easy-to-use suite of automation design, control, and monitoring applications will help you manage energy consumption at all of your production facilities, transmission and distribution networks, and manufacturing facilities where ever they are located. Reduce carbon-emissions and engineer process improvements directly into your entire enterprise infrastructure; supervise, control, respond to changes, and report on all events in real-time across all of your automated processes with FactoryStudio’s elegant user interface, and rational, easy-to-use programming logic. FactoryStudio’s results are immediate with increased efficiencies and better use of available resources measurable across all of your automated processes.

FactoryStudio has been deployed by IT Energy Management professionals in several energy utilities and renewable energy applications worldwide.


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