Large or small mission critical facilities, especially Data Centers, systems require control and monitoring. Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio Product; created and developed on the latest Microsoft .NET and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technologies, is the Enterprise Infrastructure to help you efficiently and effectively monitor and manage your energy consumption, in real-time, to reduce costs while insuring system reliability and availability.

Multiple systems are involved in your facilities and all require the best design, alarm functionality, reporting, sensor monitoring, and remote machine management. With FactoryStudio you can securely control all your systems from a central or remote location. Use FactoryStudio to design and control all of your systems and sub-systems from any secure computer with proper user security credentials. Turn real-time energy data into actionable information, especially in Data Centers, to increase energy efficiency, manage compute demand, while reducing IT and facilities costs,

You can remotely monitor and run everything in your building(s) including elevators, HVAC, lights, fire control, electricity, and even schedule preventive maintenance into your control system. Lower your costs, your end user’s costs, and increase your profit margins for every mission critical facility you own or operate with Tatsoft’s FactoryStudio.


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