Effective design and control of efficient automation processes is the key to safe, scalable and profitable systems.

Significant advances have occurred in both software and hardware over the last ten years that have taken process automation design and control to a new level. Improvements in efficiency, monitoring, reporting, scalability, system design, and testing have been made as well as significant improvements in graphics for user interface customization, improving the user experience. While these advances are very familiar to “techies” and software developers, few end-users have benefited – until now.

FactoryStudio will empower you to get your organization, your staff and your process and business systems to the next level. Step into and be well positioned for, the future, with the FactoryStudio Product encompassing the latest in technologies with an easy-to-use user interface, a powerful application design suite, integrated configuration tools for mining and accessing data from disparate systems, comprehensive monitoring with event and alarm functionality, and real-time and historical data base capabilities (and much more).

FactoryStudio offers a comprehensive software suite that includes all of the latest improvements in logic, control, and user interface in a streamlined and user friendly package that is also highly scalable and applicable to multiple industries.

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