Tatsoft’s Founder and CTO, Marcos Taccolini, is a recognized software system architect with twenty-nine years of technical experience, managing every aspect of the software development process, from designing and programming to launching the product in the marketplace.

One of his notable accomplishments was leading the creation of the very first HMI/SCADA solution for Windows CE devices, brought to the market as UniSoft CE, nearly 20 years ago, in 1996 and 1997.

The very first HMI/SCADA for Windows CE devices

The Unisoft product was a sensation at ISA Show Brasil 97, as stated in magazine articles published at that time. In an interview with a local Brazilian newspaper, “Jornal Hoje em Dia”, on September fifteenth of 1997, UniSoft explained that UniSoft CE was the “pocket version” of their main product, made for supervisory control and specially designed for maintenance personnel.

UniSoft’s booth at ISA

The product also had the advantage of running on any electronic equipment with open source operating system. At the time, Marcos Taccolini was UniSoft’s director – Taccolini could already see the market’s need for open source systems, claiming that evolution would soon come for equipment such as data registers, operations panels and interfaces, among others.

Marcos Taccolini continues to do visionary work as part of the software technology evolution, developing products and solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) even before the market had that name. His latest revolutionary product is FactoryStudio, Tatsoft’s current main product, the world’s first HMI SCADA built with pure Microsoft .NET that also supports native iPad, iPhone, and Cloud environments.

Marcos Taccolini with UniSoft’s product, on 1996
FactoryStudio supports native iPad, iPhone, and Cloud environments – the latests version was released on 2015.