With FactoryStudio®, you can create high-level application tools with customized BI platforms made specially for the industrial market, that offer the user freedom to choose what data he wishes to see and how to present it. The IT team defines which data will be used and security levels, allowing the IT team that better understands the data the control they need while also allowing the users the freedom to visualize the data in the way they choose, with real-time animations and entirely customized charts.

Seamless Integration

FactoryStudio provides seamless integration with any third- party database, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix and others specific programs, creating a source independent presentation layer and is entirely customizable to better meet your meets, allowing you to better monitor and understand your data.

Fast implementation 

Tatsoft® has created, with FactoryStudio®, a number of models that makes the process of creating a BI platform easier and faster, no longer thanking months or even years – in weeks, we can offer you the solution you need, with minimal programming. 

Real-time information from anywhere, anytime 

FactoryStudio® also allows Android, iPhone and iPad connectivity to the important information you need, whenever you need it! The SCADA HMI Client app is the first graphical native app that has the displays created on the desktop using the Microsoft .NET Framework and WPF drawing tools. Graphical displays accessible from the iPAD with no specific project installation, just using the standard app downloaded from the Apple Store.

Better prepare your company for the challenges of the future

Another important thing that we considered when making FactorySudio® is the long term maintenance and evolution of the system – we did a deep analysis of the previous 30 years we followed the market, in order to identify ways to extend the longevity of the applications, also making easier its maintenance.

Finally, Tatsoft FactoryStudio® helps turn data into information, helping companies reduce risk and improve the reliability of small to massive industrial systems.  Going beyond simply improving operational efficiency, it is a tool for better understanding of your business and for finding opportunities of growth, aiding in creating a better, more stable future for the company.